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The Queen of Coupons that is!

Harris Teetter 8-16-10 Super Doubles August 16, 2010

Filed under: Harris Teeter — queen620 @ 3:05 pm

Spent:  $4.20

Saved:  $87.19

Total Value:  $91.39

95% savings

Remember all those Kelloggs items I bought left and right last week where I got $10 Q back when I bought 10 items?  Well, basically they paid for a lot of my groceries this week.  Tonight I used $10 from Kelloggs & 3x $5 Qn from Kraft to cover my expenses tonight.

I know I should be content with tonight’s totals, but I am not.  THREE of my Qn didn’t get scanned so that means that I overpaid by $6.00.   I spent a few minutes in my car reviewing my reciept trying to figure out what happened.    I thought my total was going to be closer to $20 instead of $30 before I used $25 worth of Kellogg & Kraft Qs.    I finally figured out what happened and had to decide if I wanted to go inside and fight over THREE coupons that didn’t get scanned.  I even called my husband.  I knew I should just walk away, but I was annoyed!    Finally, we decided that since I was at my favorite store- Adam’s farm I would just leave it alone.  I didn’t really want to lose face in there.  I also had one of my kids with me so it would have taken time to get it sorted out.  I should have counted up the coupons scanned at the register screen before I paid.  I would have known it was off, but I wasn’t paying that close attention.

On a plus side I picked up the wrong whole wheat tortillas that I thought were one of my evic specials, but the cashier was nice enough to just override and ring them up at the sale price.   The cashier said the stores have problems with evic items all the time b/c they are so specific and if you don’t get the exact item, no variation, it might not ring up correctly.  I know that from experience I have picked up the wrong items too many times.

Okay enough rambling here is what I got-

*3x 1/2 lb or so packs of Salmon.

I found $1/ off $2 or more puchase wine tag coupon, so my goal was to get 1 fillet per pack so I could match a coupon per package.  I have mixed feelings about some of these coupons.  I am not sure if they fall in line with a peelie coupons found on packages and some fellow couponers would be miffed if someone stole the peelie or if it really even matters.  The coupons state very clearly that NO WINE PURCHASE REQUIRED, so that means it doesn’t have to be used by the person buying the wine.  I also don’t have a real problem taking peelie coupons on items that I frequently buy.  I have seen store personal pull peelies off at the end of a sale or promo and hand them out to passerby’s if they seem interested in the coupon.   I have bought lots of coupons from ebay only to open my envelope to find out they were peelies.  So yes, I like it when I go to buy something and see a peelie, but I rarely buy an item just b/c it has a peelie on it…anyway moving on!

*triscuits & Wheat thins $.50 each, so glad I hadn’t noticed them being on sale…my dh & kids can tear through a box way to fast!

*Dannon kids yogurt FREE

*Mission torilla $.29- .50 each

*Smart balance PB (these are the coupons I think she didn’t scan so not as cheap as it should have been!)

*Ziploc containers $.15 each

*$1/ off grocery purchase- this doubled- I found it on a wine tag!

*cinnabon cereal bars $.99

*m&m’s FREE.  I had a $.75/2 Q, & they were BOGO so both were FREE!!!

*Washing Soda $2.00 box, used arm & hammer Qn- I use this stuff to make my homemade laundry soap & I also add to my towels & white loads b/c it is a natural laundry whitener.    I might see if I have any more coupons and get more tomorrow.


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