Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Harris Teeter SUPER DOUBLES 8-11-2010 August 11, 2010

Filed under: Harris Teeter — queen620 @ 3:55 pm

Spent:  $25.72

Saved:  $121.66

Total Value:  147.38

83% savings

No, I didn’t get any cereal or poptarts today.  I will later in the sale week when they are restocked!  I have some rainchecks and coupons so I am going to make out even better than I did last week 🙂

2 stores & 2 cards, I have been shopping for a friend and she lets me use her card.

*Kraft Catalina PROMO, Buy 5, get $5 ONYO coupon.

-bought 3 x shredded cheese @ $3.29 – $1 off Q doubled

-bought 2 parmesean cheese @ $2.99 – $1 off Q doubled

-After $5. ONYO Q I paid  $.87 for 5 cheese items.

*Snickers IceCream BOGO Raincheck, after Qn doubled & RC each box was $1.25 or so!  YEAH!

*Floss $.15 each after Qn

*3 Rhodes dinner rolls $.25 each

*Smart balance PB…$.50 each…I LOVE THIS PB.  It is so healthy and so delicious!

*Lysol toilet bowl cleaner $.40 each

*Beechnut meals 4 Ethan $1.29

*3 packs FREE Mission Tortilla

*All of the yogurt was FREE.

*3 pks Mason jar lids $.42 each

*Olay face wash…2 for $3.99, I had a BOGO coupon & save $1 on 1-= So I got 1 free & saved $2 on the 1 I paid for!!!

Overall it was a great first trip to HT for Super Doubles.  I see many trips in my future.  I am planning to stock up on a few more things.


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