Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

CVS 7-31-10 August 3, 2010

Filed under: CVS — queen620 @ 6:54 am

Spent:  $ $13.17 CASH, +( $10 on CVS gitcard)

Saved:  $49.70 + ($10 on CVS giftcard remember this was free so it counts as both spent & savings!)

Total Value:  $72.87

82% savings

It was a busy night.  I went buy to pick up a Rx for Ethan’s pinkeye, but the pharmacy closed at 6PM.  Look away personal rant coming on!

Tell me why the pharmacy is open until 10PM MONDAY-FRIDAY, but on SATURDAY it closes at 6PM…REALLY!!!!

Okay back to business….

on Both card I bought:

$2.99 ECB wyb Bausch & Lomb Biotrue Solution 2 oz., $2.99

-used $1 off Qn found in package, so FREE + $1. overage

$1 ECB wyb (2) CVS Pantiliners 22ct. at 50¢ ea (month long deal)(makes both free)

****Clearance Items******

Vicks cool mist humidifier $11.49

2 x Kaz steam  inhalant $1.37 each

2x  Pilot G2 Mini pens 3pk $.87 each

Mead 5 star notebook @2.87

I didn’t use any extra care bucks to pay for anything tonight.  I was feeling very rushed and annoyed so I just paid cash and used my giftcard from the last Rx I had filled.  So overall a Really good night.  I basically got an humidifier and a lot of other stuff for really cheap!

I noticed lots of cold medicine on clearance, I will look for more when I go pick up Ethan’s Rx again!


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