Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Walmart & farmer stand 7-14-10 July 19, 2010

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Spent:  $25 or so.

Saved:  ??

Not much savings, but needed most of the stuff so we could make homemade salsa with our garden tomatoes.

We made almost 30 pints of homemade salsa.  I am not sure that we came out cheaper than store bought using a sale + coupon, but it sure does taste batter and I KNOW what is in it!


Aldi 7-12-10

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Spent:  47.34

Saved:  $???

5 cans “pepperridge farm pirroutte sticks”  I saved $3.50 per CAN= $21 savings

I needed these for a cake I was making so, I had to have them!

I think I saved at least $.50 per bag powdered sugar= $2.00

I am sure I saved more on other items, just don’t have an exact comparison.

I haven’t been to Aldi in a long time b/c  many of our staple items I get for cheaper by matching the coupon to the sale.  If you don’t have the time or patience to do that, then ALDI is a great choice!


Food Lion 7-12-10

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Spent:   $41.78

Saved:  $31.56

Total Value:  $73.34

43% savings


Harris Teeter 7-12-10

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Spent:  $93.27

Saved:  $110.98

Total Value:  $204.25

54% savings

19 boxes cereal

1 50oz tide

8 roll bounty paper towels

1 viva paper towel

3 packs crystal light

2 bunches bananas



2 different sizes dawn dish soap



Walmart 7-2-10 July 11, 2010

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Not everything from today came out of my grocery fund.  I also lost my receipt so I am going to guess:

Spent:  $75

Saved:  $45 or so.  It was an odd trip!

14 packs FREE pampers wipes

$28 savings

Also spent WAY to much on other stuff.

I had several coupons and bought 4 cases mason jars and lots of canning lids

I also bought lots of other needed items.  At least I hope they were needed b/c I didn’t take a photo so I really don’t remember anything except wipes and canning supplies!

This was great.  I took my ALDI flier with me and price matched all of the above items.  I think I save almost $5 just by doing that.


Farmer’s Market 7-3-10

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Spent $67 fruit & veggies

Spent:  $20 in pectin and other supples

Saved: $112


* Peaches 35lbs $7

*Blackberries 1 1/2 gallons $48

*Corn on Cob $4.

*Seedless Watermelon $4.

*Sweet Potatoes $4.


Had a great trip to the farmer’s market.  We decided to spend a little more on the blackberries than we spend at the Upick farm.  It has been so hot the thought of going out with all 4 kids to pick berries isn’t very appealing!

*We finished with 20 pints peach jam

& 15 or so pints blackberry syrup

*So how is that price wise???

I normally only buy ALL FRUIT SPREADS like polaner all fruit so at $.28 an oz –

(price came from Harris Teeter ExpressLane, yes I know I wouldn’t pay that price I would wait for a sale, but I also won’t skimp on this so if I were out I would pay that price.)

Each 16 oz pint would cost $4.46each

$4.46 x 20 pints=$89

Including pectin, peaches and canning supplies ( already had the jars so only had to buy lids)=

$17 or so for 20 pints

$89- $17= $72 savings over the year


Blackberry Syrup if I am comparing the blueberry/boysenberry syrup price on HTexpress Lane at $.39 an ounce

I would have spent $94.  I spent $54 for my 15 pints

$94-$54 = $40 savings

We intentionally made lots of syrup this year so we would be able to give some away at Christmas!

I also like knowing exactly what is in our syrups and jams.


Harris Teeter 7-6-10

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Spent:  $53.90

Saved:  $55.99

Total Value:  $ 109.89

51% savings

I know my numbers weren’t very high tonight, but a few of the items I wanted were on sale, but I didn’t have any Qns.

The Skippy PB was BOGO and I wanted to make use we had plenty of PB so I bought a few jars.

I have been trying to focus on buying HEALTHY items that are on sale.  I have also been trying to buy lots of fresh produce even if it means spending more money.

Egg rolls were BOGO so $1.25 or so

Angel Soft $3.99

Dannon yogurt $1.

Heluva dip $.50

3 colgate toothbrushes FREE

3 colgate toothpaste FREE

Overall not a real busy week, but the PB alone was worth a trip!