Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

CVS 7-13-10 & 7-14-10 July 19, 2010

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Quick Trip,  Ethan was way overdue for his nap so I couldn’t wait for the boys flouride Rx.  That is why there are 2 different dates.

Spent $12 or so got back 20 ECB

Did transaction on both cards.  Scissors are great b/c they will go in our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.  I collect items all year long so when November gets here I don’t have to come up with lots of $$ for the 4 boxes we stuff.

Trip #2 to pick up RX and get a few things 🙂

John Frieda  2/ $10 , get 5 ECB back

did twice used 4x $2 off coupon, so basically each bottle was $.50 each after Qn & ECB!!!

Neutragena Sunscreen buy 2 get 10 ECB back,

I found coupons on the back of a harris teeter flier so I grabbed a bunch of fliers hoping for a CVS sale.

I bought 1 sunstick @ $7.49

& 1 suncreen spray @ $10.49=  $17.98

– 2x $2 Qn= $4,

$13.98 total,got 10 ECB back= $3.98 for 2 things of sunscreen, or less than $2 each!!!

Spent $19 or so including Rx

Everything on trip #2 was purchased in 2 transactions using only Brad’s card.  So I got all of the above for $19 using Qn, sale & ECB.

I had a target prescription giftcard coupon.  “Get $10 giftcard with new or transferred Rx.”  (I like the $25 giftcard coupons better, but this was all I found in the fliers.   Oh Well…it was still FREE $$.)


Here are my totals reflecting BOTH DAYS shopping

Spent:  $31.12

Saved:  $65.73

Total Value:  $  90.85

72% savings, ended with 25 ECB between both cards & 10 CVS giftcard  for next week.

I used $16 in Qn, & 22 ECB from previous transactions.

*****So I spent more REAL $$ this week, but I got things that go great in my stockpile.  I love John Frieda stuff so I am loving all the recent sales.  I might even buy a few more coupons!   Sunscreen is also great for my family…most of us are rather pasty.  I also am loving the spray on sunscreen.  My goal has been to get it for less than $5 a can after sale & coupons.  I have done well with my goal.   It might seem like a lot of sunscreen except the spray doesn’t last as long as lotion, so I have to keep more on hand.  It is so much quicker & easier to get everyone ready for the pool or just keep handy for when we will be out for awhile.


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