Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Harris Teeter 6-28-10 June 29, 2010

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Spent:  $72.12

Saved:  $135.48

Total Value:  $209.60

65% savings


For the record I did some shopping on a friend’s card last night, so I used 40 + coupons.

6 pampers diapers RC @$5.99- $1.50 Doubled = $2.99 each

3 huggies diapers RC @$5.99- $1.50 Doubled = $2.99 each

The 6 packs of pampers equals 1 LARGE case from Sam’s/ BabiesRUs which average $40.  I bought the equivalent of 1 large case for $18.

This might not seem like much, but when the only place I used to buy diapers was Sam’s this is a huge savings.  Yes, I could use coupons and wait for sales at Babies R Us and use their diaper reward program.   But when I can get them for this cheap it is hard to compare.  Both plans require work to save money.  If I didn’t partially use cloth diapers the Babies RUs option would be easier b/c I wouldn’t have to wait so long between grocery/drug store sales and then buy like crazy!

6 v8 splash @ $1.50 each

3 Danactive @ $.50 each

3 activia @ $.50 each

6 Dannon Greek yogurt $.33 each

3 Kraft Dressing $.79 each

2 lemondae $1. each

2 eggrolls $.90 each I think

3 Zatarans $1.33

Helluva Good dip FREE

2 Wacky Noodles FREE

Lipton tea $.40

Beechnut baby meals $1. each

2 tuna $1.25 each

1 tuna FREE

***splurge olives from the olive bar****

these will go well in my Italian pasta salad using my FREE wacky mac noodles!

B/c I save in a few areas it allows me to round out our meals with nice extras!


Yeah, I didn’t get to many things for free tonight, but I got a lot of good deals, especially diapers.

I didn’t think I would ever find the Dentyne gum to go with my coupons.  Yeah, everyone else knew they were free!

***Side Note***

the only reason the dip was free was b/c one of Brad’s co-worker passes her coupons onto us.   Nothing unusual there, I also get coupons from another friend.

What does bug me is that often this co-worker get BETTER OR HIGHER DOLLAR COUPONS than I get in my paper.  Even my friend who lives 1 mile from me often gets different coupons or even different inserts.  I haven’t figured out if the co-worker gets her paper daily, but my friend only get Sunday delivery just like me.  Of course when I complained to News& Record they gave me some line that they are all the same…BLAH BLAH BLAH!  So I don’t know if this is a carrier issue or there is more randomness within the coupon fliers.  I know that different regions of the state/country get different coupons and values but really even within the same delivery area.  Anyway it  is very annoying!  I have 2 more coupons for helluva dip, but they are only $.50 off so the dip will be $.50 after sale and double coupon.  I know not bad, but it still isn’t FREE.