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The Queen of Coupons that is!

Harris Teeter 6-23-10 Super Doubles June 23, 2010

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Spent:  $10.29

Saved:  $64

I think I will check my receipts later for the exact number.

I went to the Taj Ma Teeter on Friendly and had in my mind what I was going to get.  And then as I am trolling through the store I remember that they don’t double the coupons if the say DO NOT DOUBLE  so that threw my plan out the window!  I think I did okay in the end.  I have been trying to get stuff that we need or will need in the NEAR future.  It is easy to get almost free cake mix or unlimited cheap hamburger helper, but how much of that do I really need.  (Trust me we are great on both of those for some time now!)



Harris Teeter 6-22-10

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So So night.

Spent:  $82

Saved:  $100 or so

I’ll have to tally my receipts and add my exact numbers later.

Got a few things we needed like milk & cheese.  I splurged on the Butoni fresh pasta & alfredo.  It was BOGO on the pasta and 2/$6 on the sauce.  Yes, I know I could make my own alfredo for cheaper, but this is a most delicious meal for $10!  I will make some rolls and add a salad-from our garden and it will be a nice splurge!

I know the cheeries will get cheaper-at least I hope so!  But they are so good it is hard to pass up $2.48.  I also am trying to focus on buying more fresh & healthy stuff even if it is more expensive.

Had raincheck for BOGOF  NO YOLK egg noodles.  My coupons were about to expire so I had to get them tonight.  The store had an instant savings of buy 3 save $1.  I think I figured up after my BOGOF RC and 3x $.75 doubled to $1.50 each I paid somewhere around $1.60 for ALL SIX bags.  Aldi eat your heart out!

Mini Bagesl-BOGOF @ $3.99

English muffisns BOGOF

Nature’s Own BOGOF- had $.75 Q so it worked out to almost $1 a loaf.  I know I could have gotten 1 free, but since $1 is my goal for buying bread I decided to get both loaves and pay instead of getting 1 almost free and still needed bread for later in the week.  We go through 1-2 loaves a week depending on how often and who exactly is eating sandwiches for lunch.

Large bottles Dawn $.99

Most of the BBQ sauce was $.50…that sucks…if I had waited for Super Doubles some of it would have been FREE!  Oh Well!!!

Sponges BOGOF -$.75 off 2 q= $.75 each  that is a good price and the sale is going for another week.  I need to get some rainchecks for that just in case they don’t get them in b/4 the sale ends.

Milk $2.47  I don’t really pay much attention to the price of milk, b/c I have to buy it regardless.

Kraft Cheese Special  Buy 3 save $3 instantly.

Once per transaction.  (Note once per transaction, not once per day, or once per transaction… that leaves me feeling completely guiltless over doing these types of transactions numerous times. I did this 4 times.  Based on how much cheese we eat, I probably should have done it until I ran out of coupons!)

This worked wonderfully b/c I had a bunch of various Q I have been collecting.

I did this-2 Qn

1.  buy 2 Kraft cheese save $1.

I bought 2 blocks @ $1.69 each

2. save $1 on Kraft Deli Deluxe cheese- $4.49

So I bought 2 8oz blocks & 1 16 oz Deli Deluxe after $3 instant savings + $2 in above coupons each transaction was $2.97 for 3 packs of Kraft cheese.

Super Doubles start on Wednesday and I don’t know how much shopping I will be doing.  I am working hard to stay under $600 this month.  Sometimes the best way to save money is not to spend it…even when it is a smokin’ deal.  One thing I have started to notice is that smokin’ deals seem to come around every so often, so even if I miss a few there will always be more!


Walmart 6-21-10

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Okay all of those were free, but I spent $19 on all the food that didn’t make it in the picture!

3 packs hotdog rolls

cole slaw

2 cans bush’s baked beans

white grapes

& I am hoping I forgot a few things, b/c $19 seems like a lot to spend on those few items!