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The Queen of Coupons that is!

Walmart 6-14-10 June 15, 2010

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Spent $104.79

Pictured $65 or so

+$15 in air filters that come out of my grocery fund…I know sounds weird, but it was the only place I had extra money.

Saved:  $90, I had to guess.

I know I saved around $68 with my coupons alone so after guessing the original prices I am going to us that as my savings

The rest was a few sunscreen shirts for the boys and few baskets for friend’s baby gift and 2 air filters.

24 packs  Pampers Wipes FREE

Yep, I sorta cleared the shelf.  I don’t feel bad b/c Walmart knew there was a $2 coupon in circulation when they ran a “rollback sale”” $1.97.

The store seemed rather stocked when I got there.  If you are going to Walmart in Randleman you might want to wait a day or so!  There were a few left, but not a lot!!!

I also bought 10 bags Kingsford Charcoal $6.50 – $2 Qn= $4.50 a bag

Don’t worry there was PLENTY of charcoal left.  Brad told me a few months ago to keep my eyes open for charcoal sales & coupons.  We use a charcoal grill and grill out as often as possible during the supper.   This was a GREAT price for not being from Sam’s.

I triple checked that Walmart doesn’t have a limit on how many of the same coupons one can use.  Harris Teeter has a limit of 3 manufacturer & 2 internet coupons.

HT goal is to stop people like me from clearing the shelf.  Walmart however probably doesn’t have a real problem restocking so they don’t limit it.   Sorry if I offend anyone by being a shelf clearer…but I promise I only do it for a few items.  Also don’t worry I won’t beat you up for the last one as long as you get there b/4 me.  🙂

Bagels were on clearance $1.50 bag.  I bought strawberry cream cheese a few weeks ago, but totally forgot to buy bagels!  OOPS!!!

Milk…b/c I have 3 kids & a hubbie who could drink it all day!

Dish Detergent- I came home with this and Brad said, “I thought you were going to start making it.”  Appearantly the laundry soap has been such a success I need to branch out.  Maybe later when I have more time.  I only buy this every few months b/c I don’t have an automatic dishwasher.  I add a small squirt to burnt on messes and let it soak.  Stuff wipes right off.


I have a lot to say about couponing at Walmart.  Most of it isn’t nice.   Okay here is my saga cut & pasted from a thread I started at

If you don’t want to read the drama…look away!!!

Okay, I have waded through most of the threads under the FAQ for Walmart. I read through their official policy. Tonight I went in armed with Pampers $2 off baby wipe coupons- 24 to be exact. Sale price $1.97
(Before flaming me I have several young ones and free wipes is a HUGE help. Also there were wipes left for others.)

I also bought 10 bags Kingsford Charcoal sale $6.50- $2. off Q, so $4.50 each.

I also bought a plenty of other items that I didn’t use coupons for.

So upon checking out the young cashier was very confused. Another cashier told her what to do. They counted and recounted and got everything entered. The cashier had finished and I had given her my cash and she had gotten my change out and was HANDING it and my receipt to me as the shift manager came over to finish the override. She told the cashier that I couldn’t buy all of that. She then proceeds to count every item and confirm I had met all the requirements. Of course there are people behind me!

Another hourly manager I guess is just as confused and saying he will back her up. They are reading the “one per purchase” line and stating I can only purchase one item…ie: 1 bag charcoal & 1 pack baby wipes. I tried to explain that one per purchase meant I couldn’t use any other coupons. 1 Coupon per item. (I think I was right about this.) I said that is fine I will be glad to ring each item up individually pay and then do the next. Of course they say they can’t let me do that. Be cause it says one per purchase. As in one per day. That isn’t what the coupon said!

We finally move over to customer service b/c I am leaving with my wipes & charcoal regardless of the hassle. So we go to customer service and several managers confer and I state my case that the says there is a limit of 40 coupons and I only used 34 so what is the problem. At that point the manager told me I had to be CAREFUL b/c that site was for not walmart stores. That was the coupon policy for the shopping. I asked, “does actually take coupons?” Of course he asks the hourly manager who stopped my sale with the cashier and she said, “no they don’t” I keep saying go look it up!

So they go look it up and find somewhere a list from March 2007 stating the 40 coupon limit, but no more than $50 off total purchase. I kept saying, “that isn’t what says.” I even point out that it is dated March 2007 and that their paper could be out of date. Of course they didn’t like that! The assistant manager finally decides they can do the transaction JUST THIS ONCE. I was not happy with that answer, b/c they were doing the transaction and not b/c I was doing something wrong, but b/c I hadn’t violated their policy or proper coupon usage. He just kept sticking to the JUST THIS ONCE line.

Anyway, what is this they were talking about limiting savings to $50 regardless of whether you had exceeded the 40 coupon limit or not? I am just so confused. I don’t extreme coupon at Walmart normally. When stuff like this happens I am reminded why I rarely venture away from my grocery store & CVS! Since couponing my need to visit Walmart has fallen off. I now only go maybe once a month or so and usually for things I can’t get anywhere else.

Thanks for letting me vent. Please help me out. Was I wrong in how I read the “one per purchase”? Or was it just walmart not understanding coupons?

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Okay, if you made it to the end, well you are wonderful!  Most of the people who responded to my thread said I was right and that Walmart is just messed up and often hard to deal with.  I called customer service and reported everyone in the situation, not to be mean or spiteful but I know lots of people who would have just backed down.  But when the assistant manager brought out the “just this one time”  line that was it.  He couldn’t tell me what I had done wrong and acted like I was doing something wrong or stealing from the store.  Anyway, I am waiting to hear something back.  I spent 45+ minutes from start of first check out to when I finally left customer service with all my stuff.


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