Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Vacation May 31-June 6 June 13, 2010

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No, I didn’t take pictures of my groceries while on vacation…that would be a little weird don’t you think!!!

Anyway, just so I can keep track of how much grocery money I spent I am going to add up our few meals out and our trips to the grocery store and kind of guess??? I  am also going to guess about my savings.    We were having a real cash flow problem after spending nearly $900 at the vets for our dogs and then buying tires for our van.   Normally when we camp we would buy our food every day or so, but b/c we were in a real pinch we opted to take 85% of our food with us.  It worked out okay since we have such a huge stash in our “mini-grocery store.”

Spent not including eating out 4 times:  $100

(we spent money on other stuff we needed so this is just a guess as to how much we spent on FOOD.)

This money didn’t come specifically out of our normal grocery budget, so it will appear like we went way over when in fact this was from a different fund.  However, since one of my goals is to track our food budget.

Saved:  $  25 or so.  I filled out a customer care card at one grocery store in order to get the sale price!  I did also use coupons on a few things.


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