Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

CVS 6-9-10 June 9, 2010

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Brad & I at CVS

It was a good night.  I spent very little real money, but I did use lots of ECB and the rest of my last giftcard.   I got lots of things that we needed and like.

Spent:  $9.77 cash

Spent:  $7.45 from CVS giftcard


Total Value:  $114.48

92% savings  🙂


So what happened.  Brad & I both had ECB that would be expiring within the next week or so.  There wasn’t much by way of great sales this week.  Nothing was outright free after ECB.  The only things I planned to flip for were the JohnFrieda hair products and the Glade Sense & Spray refills.  (I love these in our hall bathroom that is used by 3 boys!)  I also tried the John Frieda stuff a few months ago and just recently ran out of my other hair products.  I love treseme for my  curly hair, but I think that might be losing out!  The curly spray was wonderful.  While we were on vacation I told Brad I had found my new hair product.  His comment was, “is it any cheaper?”  I said, “NO, but I don’t care!”

On both cards I bought:

4 glade items @ $2.50 each= $10.

-2 $1. off Qns= $2.  so paid $8. OOP

-spend $10, get 5 ECB= $3 after ECB print or $.75 each

2 John Frieda @ $5.00 each = $10

-$3 qn off root awakening

-$2 qn off any John Frieda

Paid $5. OOP, but wait

spent $10 get 3 ECB back so really paid= $2 total  or $1 each!!!

CVS had a bunch of baby items on clearance.  I got the pack of wipes for $2.64.  I would have bought more, but someone else cleared the shelves.  That is okay…I am a shelf clearer also when it comes to something like that!   I have no irritation like some might.  I think whoever bought them probably needed them.   Maybe next time I will get more!   I am not worried.  I still have wipes from when I bought all those huggies packs for $2.50 each a few months ago.  I know ultimately God will supply what I need when I need it.  I like it when it comes early, but that isn’t always how God works.

Anyway at the end of our first transactions a wonderful $5/ off $15 coupon printed on both of our receipts.  Of course you know this was burning a hole in my pocket.  I spent most of the night at the verizon store so when I left there and it was 9pm I knew I wasn’t setting foot into Walmart or HarrisTeeter.  Since I had to have milk I decided to go to CVS by UNCG and look for more baby wipes & diapers.

CVS  brand diapers $2.37.  I might go back for more…maybe.  I really am a diaper snob, so if I am not using our cloth diapers I want to be using good disposable diapers.  Sometimes these off brands are great, but not all are created equal.

So second transaction on my card consisted of 4 glade sense & sprays, 1/2 gallon milk and pack CVS diapers


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