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The Queen of Coupons that is!

VACATION June 8, 2010

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I haven’t been doing much shopping b/c we decided very last minute to go camping in Lancaster, PA and visit Brad’s grandmother.   The week before our trip we spent almost $1700 between the vet and putting new tires on our van.  We know we needed tires, but didn’t know how bad they were.  We ended up overpaying at Sears b/c we needed it done on a Saturday evening so we could leave Monday morning.  We also spent almost $900 at the vet b/c both of our puppies got Parvo.  I know most of you wouldn’t have spent that much.  If we had know how deep we would get at the vet we would have made some different choices.

Anyway what’s done is done!  Now it is time to regroup and get back on track.  I am going to try and cut back on our groceries a bit to save money.  I think it is very doable b/c our garden is looking beautiful and our 17cu ft  chest freezer is bursting…literally.  Even after intentionally taking 90% of our food with us camping it barely looks like we touched our stockpile.   We have been averaging $700-$800 on groceries, health& beauty.  My goal is maybe $500 or less.

I don’t know exactly but I feel a Dave Ramsey beans & rice diet coming on!


Walgreens 5-29-10

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I don’t have a photo, but I bought 4 bottles of gillette bodywash back when they were $4 and you got 4 RR.  I had BOGO coupon and $1 off 1 Qn so I spent somewhere around $6 after tax.

The next week I bought a pack of goody headbands that were free after RR.

I had planned to buy milk, but instead ended up flipping for2- graham crackers, 2 packs -hershey chocolate bars &2- marshmallows b/c we need all of that to make smores while on vacation.  I had 11 RR and got and the above were on sale where buy graham crackers & hershey get marshmallow free.  That was an okay deal b/c they were very over priced, even with the other on sale!  I think I paid $7.21 for all three items and had more RR so I decided to do it again.   Not as cheap as Aldi, but I needed to us them up b/4 the RR expired.  And we HAD to have smores while camping!


Harris Teeter 5-20-10

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So not a huge money saving trip, but bought lots of stuff that was needed for Ethan’s first birthday party.

I must confess I don’t know what happened to my receipt.  I think I spent $65 and saved $44.34 something.  I’ll have to look later when Ethan isn’t on my lap and my house isn’t under control of 8 boys…11 and under!