Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

CVS 5-12-10 ALL FREE! May 12, 2010

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So I went in tonight to pick up a Rx for one of my kids.  I scanned my card at the wonderful Qn machine.  It spit out a coupon for

*$25 CVS giftcard w/ purchase of new or transfer of new Rx.

How wonderful I was there to pick up a NEW Rx!!!  I almost did a happy dance when I saw that Qn print out!!!!

So how much did I spend on my new giftcard???  Not as good as it could have been, but it was still monopoly $$, so I guess I shouldn’t complain to much!

Spent:  REAL $$  00

Spent Giftcard:  $15.05

Saved:  $44.38

Total Value:  $59.43

My savings would have only been 75% had I been paying cash,

but 100% since I was paying with CVS $$

got back 18 ECB for next week!

*2 crest pro-health paid $6.25 after Qn,

+got back 7 ECB=FREE

*Kotex $3.99 after Qn

+got back 4.99 ECB = FREE

*Huggies $4.99 after Qn

+got back 2 ECB =

*Schick Razor $3.99 after Qn

+got back 4 ECB=FREE

*Epsom salt $.50 each

* Covergirl BOGO

– $3. CVS Qn & $1. off Qn

for whatever reason the register wouldn’t accept my BOGO Qn tonight?!?

I was very surprised.  I was at the same store and even had the same cashier as the other night???

Oh, well that is why I spent more on the giftcard than I had planned.  After their BOGO sale and coupons I got both lip glosses for $5.00.  I know I was paying with their money so I need to be more content!!!  I am just confused b/c how did the BOGO covergirl coupon work one time but not the next?


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