Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Harris Teeter 5-4-10 May 5, 2010

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Spent:  $40.41

Saved:  $79.22

Total Value:  119.63

66% savings


I have mixed feelings about this trip.  My numbers were okay, but could have been $10 lower, but my dh was helping me shop.  He added 2 boxes of flavored water sticks that were BOGO @ $4.39.  Then after some mix up at the register decided he really wanted the farm rich mushroom bites @ $5.24 after the coupon savings.  So my totals could have been lower, but if we don’t have splurges in the system it is easy to get frustrated and then completely blow the budget!

I did get a few okay deals last night:

8 cans of FREE refried beans

6 jars Ortega Salsa @ $.87 each

4 boxes tacos@ $.35 each

12 yoplait yogurt @$.30

(no not best price ever, but like I have said b/4 we go through 4-6 things of yogurt a day! I have compared the price of the tubs/ or store brands and they are okay except we have a problem with a 5 year old who double dips and then his saliva contaminates the rest of the tub.  So for now I will stick mostly with individual containers!!!)

4 Uncle Ben’s Wild Rice $.87 each

2 mahatma rice $.19 each

Comet cleanser $.35

2 Go-gurt $.80 each

(my kids love to eat these as frozen Popsicles!)

2 flipz covered pretzels $.49 each

2 Wacky Mac $.09 each

3 hamburger helper $.25 each

3 bryers yogurt $.10 each

(this was a goof, my coupon was for 4 but only 3 made it in the cart.  OOPS the Qn still went through.  So they were cheaper than they should have been.  Sorry HT)

1 Crescent Roll $.05

no you didn’t misread that, there was a $.70/off 1 printable that came out last week.  So tripled it was good up to $2.10 making the $2.15 crescent roll $.05.  would have printed more, but  the print limit was 1 per computer and my pc has been having some problems 😦

Swanson stock $.74 each

(this was great b/c we were down to our last few cartons of broth that we bought at the beginning of our couponing back in November/December

I am guessing that broth is a seasonal item that hits rock bottom around the holidays.   We will have to track that closer b/c we almost ran out and had to pay full price!)

8 Dole Mandarin Oranges @ $.18 each

I had collected lots of RainChecks when these were 5/$5. last month.  I was hoping they would have triples again b/4 all of my coupons expired.

I had bought 20 coupons off of ebay for around $2. and I was content to pay $.45 after sale & double coupons b/c that was about half of what I was paying for them at Sam’s.  So to get them for $.18 feels like a steal!!!\

Mentos gum FREE

(I should have looked through the rest of my stacks of coupons.  I get my weekly paper and get coupon inserts from a friend and lately have been getting inserts from DH co-worker.


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