Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Walgreens 4-30-10 = FREE MILK May 3, 2010

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Spent $ 9.07

Saved:  $10.00

I am guessing b/c I lost my receipt

Total Value:  $19.07

52% savings

Okay, if you have read anything on my blog about Walgreens you know I don’t them.

I have had a new idea about Walgreens.  I decided to dabble with Walgreens a little…

my thoughts are to go in and buy what ever the FREEBIE of the week is and then turn around and use the Register Rewards Money to buy milk.

I don’t like keeping up with their RR b/c they expire within 2 weeks and often staff is unwilling to override expired RR.  CVS is much forgiving about using expired ExtraCareBucks.   So since we drink milk I think I will flip for milk!

This week the freebie was

placker’s flossers $2 get 2 RR back

Skintimate shave cream $2.99 get $3 RR back

I had stopped by earlier in the week and looked for freebie items on my way to Harris Teeter.  The one I stopped at only had shave cream in stock so I bought that and held onto my RR for later.   Went in Friday while on my way to HT again and found shave cream and flossers.

I went across the street and did my shopping at HT and after I was done I went back to Walgreens to get my milk.  I know I could have done it all at one time.  But sometimes when I am alone I tend to take my time grocery shopping.   I also forgot my cooler bad and didn’t want to leave the milk in the van.    I am not sure if I was supposed to buy milk with the RR b/c dairy was included in fine print of excluded items.  The RR scanned with no problem and the cashier didn’t say anything so I am not sure if the cashiers just don’t care or what.  Anyway I will see how this goes.


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