Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Harris Teeter 4-27-10 April 27, 2010

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Spent:  $98.96

Saved:  $116.37

Total Value:  $215.33

54 % savings

I know it wasn’t very low today, but I did buy 2 bags of puppy chow, 2 bags of charcoal & a bag of cat food=$35 right there!

I also bought 5 cartons of Bryer’s Ice Cream:  Buy 2/Get 3 free= $10.98 or $2.22 per carton.  This means I can still have good ice cream for Ethan’s big birthday party next month.   They are buried at the bottom of the freezer to discourage us from eating them!

Bought 5 jars of Classico Sauce for a friend they were also buy2/ get 3 free or around $6 total after tax.

There wasn’t a lot of yogurt on sale, but I still had to buy it!  Same thing went with the produce that I spent $10 on.

Puffs tissues= $.50 each.  I have more Qn’s but think I will have to buy smaller packs during triples.

Mott’s apple juice was $1.50 each, not to bad.  I didn’t have a coupon, but needed juice for Ethan.

Bush’s beans $1.17 each, not great price, but I wanted some baked beans!

Charcoal $7.99 & used a save $2. off meat coupon.  I tried to buy the smallest packs of meat as possible so it would almost  come out to free!

It worked great.  I wasn’t trying to cheat the system, but I misread the labels on the cube steak and the label didn’t show the sale price so actually I end up getting the meat for free plus a tiny amount of overage.  Please let me state again I wasn’t intentionally trying to misuse these coupons.

I do think will buy some of those charcoal/meat coupons off of ebay.  We grill out almost every weekend during the summer and burn through some charcoal.   So if I can buy the charcoal on sale and buy SMALL CHEAP packs of meat I can end up not paying a lot for both items.

All of the above were free after sale + coupon

Forgot to add in the Ritz crackers, they were free after the purchase of 2 blocks of Kraft cheese.


I did see on my receipt that I finally reached the limit for two of HT promos and will save a total of $10 off next order.


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