Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

HT 4-16-10 April 17, 2010

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Spent:  $84.21

Saved:  $ 144.40

Total Value:  $ 228.61

63% savings

Yeah, I know my percentage of savings wasn’t so high, but I still bought some high dollar items for VERY CHEAP!

I think my only freebie was the 7up.  I am loving having a second computer.  Most internet coupons can only be printed TWICE per computer.  😦

I am sure that is to keep coupon crazies like me from getting all the best deals and hoarding them!!!  Anyway since getting our laptop I have been able to print TWICE as many great coupons as before.  This is one of those scenarios.   An internet printable for $1.00 of 7up became available last week.  I immediately printed two from each computer.  7up was on sale at HT for $.99 so 4 bottles of FREE soda.  We don’t drink a lot of soda, but we do often have it available for when we entertain.

I bought a lot of produce.

*15 or so apples @ $.99 lb.

*6 pears @ $1.29 lb

*8lb bag oranges evic special $3.99

*lettuce…ugh too much!  $1.99

* 1 cucumber…way over priced $.99

*Bunch bananas don’t know price…but have to buy b/c Ethan eats 1 a day

It was nice to see apples and pears so cheap, but I am  really getting tired of overpriced fruits, veggies and eating canned fruits!

*Huggies $5.99 each, -$3.00 Qn=$2.99 a pack 🙂

Would have gotten more, but i have exhausted this Internet printable over the last month.  Every time it is reloaded I print again!

*Betty Crocker potato $.45 each, we like the hashbrowns, they go great with eggs & sausage

*3 boxes Kix, averaged $.75 a box

*2 boxes Raisin Bran Extra, 2- Raisin Bran & 3 Raisin Bran Crunch

all were BOGO, my Qn was specifically for Raisin Bran Extra which of course was the more expensive of all of them.  My family also isn’t very crazy for this one.   So what I decided to try was if I paired each with a different Raisin Bran would my coupons still go through.  They did.  So we still bought the required numbered but didn’t spend as much by only buying the most expensive box.   I am not sure if I should have been able to do this, but the computer didn’t beep or anything.  I guess b/c I still bought the required number.

*more dole mandarin oranges $.45 can RAINCHECK

*lots of yogurt, not a great steal, but we eat lots of yogurt- I am thinking we need a yogurt maker & a cow!!!

*Nestle flavored water $.50 a pack- 4 packs

*2 Crystal Light @ $.99 each

those were BOGO so I split up my transaction so I would get a better deal

*Perdue Frozen Chkn Breast BUY 1 GET 2 FREE, so $1.44 a lb or so

*2 johnsville sausage links @ $1.89 each

*Tropicana $1.79, once I again I slightly swapped my Qn,

the Qn was for Trop 50, which is watered down OJ so it is lower in calories & sugar.  It is AWFUL.  So decided to see if I could buy a different Tropicana and still use that coupon.  It worked.  Yeah!  I got normal OJ!!  I am not sure if one is supposed to be able to do that or not, but SouthernSavers listed the coupon & so did grocerygame.  Like I said I assume they mean for me to match it exactly.  But the way I see it is, HT still gets reimbursed, Tropicana still sold OJ and we got what we wanted.   If  the registered had rejected the coupon b/c it wasn’t the exact item I would have had them take the OJ off, b/c the other is gross.    Without the coupon it isn’t $2.79 isn’t a great price for OJ.

*Snuggle $.49, yes now I have lots of fabric softener!!!

I was getting a little perturbed at HT.  I got to the check out found a friendly cashier who I knew didn’t over inspect the coupons and wouldn’t care that I was splitting up the order to use a few extra coupons.  Now mind you I didn’t go over my 20 double limit.  I knew however I would be over my limit for like Internet Coupons with the diapers.  I also bought two more packs not in the photo for a friend.   As I am waiting with all four boys, the overly zealous coupon hater manager says, “you can move over hear so it will go quicker.”  I walk back to cart #2 and check on Ethan after I told her we were fine.  She then proceeds to go ahead and move cart #1 to another aisle.  I know some wouldn’t care, but this means that in order to save 3 minutes maybe…I have to get all four boys and cart #2 to a different aisle.  Why couldn’t she just see we were fine and accept my answer!  So of course we finally move aisle to a less kid friendly cashier who is slightly annoyed with the kids trying to watch/help bag.

I did my first two orders with no comment or anything.  I get through to order #3 and hand over my coupons.  OOPS I forgot to give him the rain check for the dole oranges at the beginning of this transaction.  He is now even more irritated b/c he has to take them off the order and re-ring each one at the sale price.  He comments that I am probably over my limit of coupons.  I said, “No, I counted I only had 15 or so that were going to double.  I an not at my limit of doubles, and everything else is at face value.”

The best he could say was you aren’t supposed to accept more than 3 like coupons.  The only coupon that exceeded that rule was the diapers.  I knew that, so I rung them up in different transactions.   I also mentioned I wasn’t supposed to separate my orders.  Interesting no one has ever said that before!   The coupon policy states you can’t try to separate orders in an attempt to exceed the double/triple limit of 20 qns.  I wasn’t trying to exceed that limit.  As it was my Huggies Qn were only accpted at face value.   Of course I could have left the store and gone to another HT and bought more or held onto my qn for them to be on sale at CVS.

The store manager is very friendly to couponers and so are most of the cashiers, but the ones who work with this particular front manager lady are not so friendly.  I don’t care if she likes HT coupon policy, but she has nothing to stand on as far as insisting that I buy both BOGO items or that I must buy 4 BOGO items if my coupons stated I had to buy 2 items.   That is not what corporate says.  The express lane check out lists the BOGO items as half price and the weekly evic flier says items ring at half price.  So she has nothing to stand on.  If HT meant for me to have to buy both items their registers would ring up the first item full price and the second would be free.  That is how CVS does it, so I have to buy both items and it also insures that one can only use 1 coupon per pair.   I am not trying to use more coupons than allowed I just don’t see the need to buy both in my coupons states I only have to buy 1.  Enough of my rant!   I printed out my email response from corporate and have it in my binder in case she says anything.  I am also willing to drop off items if she complains in the future.    I am getting to where I don’t like to shop during the day b/c she mainly works then.   Very annoying!!!!


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