Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Harris Teeter 4-11-10 April 13, 2010

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Spent:  $56.34

Saved:  $113.94

Total Value:  $170.28

67% savings!

It was a great night at HT.  I love my HT  ❤

Tonight’s free items included:

1x Betty Crocker pouch potato

3x might dog can dog food

2x Hartz Crunch & Clean dog treats

3x 7up

2x Flipz Pretzel Snacks (I love these!)

2 gallons milk

(from milk promo during triples)


Not free but GREAT Price

4x Pic Sweet veggies $.50 each I think

2x kibbles& bits dog food $6.50

2x Nestle water $.50

Lots of Dole fruit @ $.45

2 x Emerald Nuts $1.15

3x Hot Pocket sliders $.49 each

(these look gross, but I am sure the kids will like!)

1x Orville Redenbacker $.08

2x Betty Crocker Warm Delights $.17


Unfortunately, most of the produce wasn’t  really on sale…at least not my kind of sale.  However, I volunteered to take a veggie tray to MOPS so I had to get a few items.  My savings would have been greater, but I have been trying to buy more fresh stuff.  It is so hard to bring myself to pay the inflated prices for substandard produce.   I can already taste the fresh strawberries we  will be picking in less than a month.   We picked 80 lbs last year and made lots of low sugar jam (think polaner fruit spread and you can imagine the price savings buy making it ourselves.  Let me also mention we easily use a pint a week if not more).  We froze maybe 40 lbs.  I think we will make less jam and pick more and freeze a lot more.  Frozen strawberries are perfect for pancake/waffle toppings, smoothies & well just eating!!!


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