Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

CVS 4-11-10 April 13, 2010

Filed under: CVS — queen620 @ 1:40 pm

Spent: $20.07 OOP

Saved:  $35.15

(14 ECB, Qn & sale savings)

total value:  $55.22

got back 21 ECB

64% savings


I should be happier I know, but I got to the check out and realized that I forgot to print off my CVS email Qn save $10/ off $50.

That means that all of this could have been $10.07 and still would have gotten back 21 ECB.  Just a few months ago I would have been content with my savings, but tonight I left frustrated b/c I knew I could have done better!  I couldn’t have gone back later in the week b/c that coupon was going to expire on that day!    I could have divided my purchase up into smaller transactions, but the store had a computer problem and hadn’t changed over all their sale deals.  That meant that the very flustered cashier had to manually add each item into the register to adjust sale price and then manually print out the ECB at the end.  It took 20 minutes to check out!!!


Vitamin water free- Qn from being fan on Facebook

*John Frieda spend $15 get 5 ECB back,

-3x $2.50 Qn

*Nuetragena sunscreen spend $15 get back 5 ECB,

sunscreen $.9.99 x2

-2x $2. off Qn

each sunscreen was around $5.

*Dove shampoo free after ECB back & Qn

*Dial body wash free after ECB,

used a Qn  so made a $$ in store credit


I get all of my info for CVS from

Jenny has the best getting started guide on CVS!  This is a great week to get started.  Almost free shampoo & completely free body wash

If you like John Frieda stuff I got 3 for a total of $2.50 or around $.83 each!  I can’t get the cheap stuff from Sam’s for that!


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