Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Harris Teeter 3-30-10 Last night of Triples! March 31, 2010

Filed under: Harris Teeter — queen620 @ 4:02 am

Spent: $ 24.49

Saved:  $87.29

Total Value:  $111.78

78% savings


*mentos gum

*6 tortillas

*2 coffemate creamer

*2 packs popcorn

*2 travel packs tide detergent

*sour cream


* 6 boxes cereal (free if you consider 2 milk Qn’s printed out!)

*No yolk egg noodles $.04

*International coffee creamer $.3*

*warm delights $.12

*snickers $.24 or so

*lifesaver gummy candy $.65 or so

*pie crust $.75 each

*snyder pretzel sandwiches $1.24

*roll gold pretzels $1. or so don’t remember

*Alexia sweet potato fries $1.34

(thank you coupon fairy…whoever you are who left that Qn!

Tonight’s trip was very slow going…I was running out of my best Qn’s and things were getting VERY picked over!  If the item had been in the last few newspaper inserts it was probably gone or almost gone.  The items that I had intenet coupons didn’t seem to be as popular.  That is very nice for me.  I find  a nice mix of coupons for weekly inserts and internet.  Often the internet ones are better, so that works out well for triples and super doubles.      I sure am tired of shopping!  I hope next weeks add is slow!

I haven’t update my totals on the right, but here is how my totals went for CVS, Food Lion & Harris Teeter.

spent:  $309.71

saved:  $866.65

total value $1176.36

74% value

+6 Qn’s for FREE milk & $10  to send off in rebates for toilet paper

I went over on  my “monthly budget goal”  but I actually get grocery money every week so I really didn’t go over my weekly money amount.

Brad was looking over out stash last night (he keeps everything well organized) and said, ” honey, I think we could winter in on what we have here!”   My goal is over time we can get back to our  spending $600 on everything.  In order to do that I need our stockpile to be full and have lots of variety.  This will make it possible to wait on prices to be better.  I am getting a good idea of what the best prices are on many things we buy.  Now I just need to figure how often those items go on sale while coupons are available.  I am making progress of mastering my new hobby!!!


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