Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Harris Teeter 3-26-10 March 27, 2010

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Harris Teeter 3-26-10

Spent:  $93.88

Saved:  $166.38

value:  $260.26

64% saved

All of the above items were FREE or less than $1.00!

*4 FREE ballpark hotdogs (evic)

*2 Gold Medal bread flour $.24 each

*2 loaves sara lee bread FREE

*6 boxes barrilla pasta FREE

*4 packs mission tortillas FREE

*hamburger helper clearance $.69 each

(no coupons b/c I used them all week at FL!)

*Smart Balance PB $.89 each

*Cheeze Nips $.99 each

*2x tetley tea $.49 (I think!)

*4 Mccormick gravy mix

*2 packs Hefty plates $.99 each

*12 cans mandarain oranges $.75 each

(would have been cheaper, but I only had coupons to cover 4 of the cans.

We were almost out, so I bought up to what I would have paid per can at Sam’s.

I have several RC so I think I will Qn’s off of ebay so I can get more.  When we serve oranges with

our meals it takes 2 cans for everyone to get a serving!)

Overall I have done well with triple week and I still have LOTS of good Qn’s left, so I see many visits

in my future 🙂


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