Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Food Lion II 3-21-10 March 21, 2010

Filed under: Food Lion — queen620 @ 4:03 pm

Yes, I confess…I went to another FoodLion within hours of going to the first one!

Spent: $38.87

Saved: $64.46

Total Value: $103.33


Not so great, but tonight we did buy 5 freezer meals for Brad’s lunches…i wish I could figure out how to calculate the amount saved by not going out to lunch!

The kids were with us and we were really heading in to go get more cheese!  But the FoodLion over on Woody Mill is such a nice clean store it is very easy to see everything.  We bought 3 more boxes of Hamburger helper.  this time the register catalina printed out save $1.50 off next meat purchase.   Not to bad when the HH were already $.63 each that really sweetens the deal.  Anytime I can save extra on meat!!!

*Saw that the Lipton Noodle/Rice were $1. each, had $1. off 3 Qn that were about to expire=$.66 each

* Rotel $1. can – $1. off 3= $.66

*Raisin Bran BOGO – $1. off FL Qn, -$1. off Man Qn= $$1.02 each

*Yes, 20 packs of cheese.  That coupled with the earlier purchase will be most of the shredded cheese we will consume the rest of this year…I think.  We eat lots of dairy.


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