Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Food Lion 3-21-10 March 21, 2010

Filed under: Food Lion — queen620 @ 10:26 am

Spent: $43.87

Saved: $ 66.23

Value: $ 110.10

60% savings

I was pretty excited.   Food Lion has this promo buy FIVE particular KRAFT items save $$FIVE $$ Instantly.

It included 8oz Kraft shredded cheese and there “just” happened to be BOGO blinkie Qn’s right beside all the shredded cheese!

Here is what I did:  4 Kraft Shredded Cheese @ $2.50 each= 10

+1 kraft American sliced cheese @ $3.19 = $13.19

-$5. instant savings,

– 2 BOGO Qn $5.00 off total=

$3.19 + $.16 tax= $3.35 for FIVE packs of CHEESE

or $.67 each!

Did this transaction 4 times and will probably go back and stock up on cheese 🙂

There where a few other good deals this wee

*Hamburger Helper $.88 each (2x Qn $.75/ off of 3) = $.63 each!

This trigger the Catalina to print out a Qn to save $2.50 off of my next purchase of meat!

*Sirloin Tip Roast $1.87 lb

(This is the HUGE roast that is vacuumed sealed.  Mine was 11lbs!)

I had the butcher grind it into hamburger meat.  It looks very nice!  I am thinking about going back any buying more on Tuesday!

This was a great price for a VERY lean cut of meat.  I have been buying 80lb cases of 90/10% and splitting it w/ a friend.  I know we paid around $1.75 or so, but we each walked away w/ 40 lbs of meat.  So this is a great price to get a more easily manageable amount!  I am going to check my stash of meatballs in the freezer and I might buy more just to make meatballs and meatloaf!

*Oscar Myer Bologna BOGO @ $2.69 (-$1./off 2 Qn)

*Qn for 2 free jars beechnut baby food

*Qn for free box of beechnut baby cereal


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