Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

HT WILD GOOSE CHASE! 3-15-10 March 20, 2010

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WOW I don’t know if I can explain all of this!

I went to 4 different stores in search of egg noodles to go with my coupons I had bought off of ebay!  Yes, it is official I am that crazy coupon lady everyone dreads to see in the line at the checkout!!!! 🙂

I went to Friendly’s TAJ MA TEETER first.  Bought a few things I forgot on Saturday when I had ALL FOUR kids with me

I think I spent around $29 for fresh food stuff.  Sorry can’t remember exactly.  I also think I missed a few items to photo 😦  I kept walking around the house and found things that I overlooked!  So there will be no real comparison today…numbers weren’t that great!!!

On my way over to customer service to get my raincheck I was looking through the clearance bins and I just about fell out.  I found NASALCROM marked down to $5.44 a box.  I called Brad to confirm that was the allergy spray we both use.  Of course it was!  I bought 4 boxes b/c the expiration date was at least a year out.  Now mind you these go for over $8 at Walmart and I was planning to buy 3, b/c well sharing nose spray is GROSS!   Joshua will be trying it out soon to see if that helps him.  Brad and I both have a little left from last year, so that leaves enough to at least make it through this SPRING/SUMMER/FALL allergy season!  I would have bought more, but I am not sure how far out one can store an item like that.  Anyway that was a great find to save over $3. a box on something that I buy every spring!

Organic Formula- 25 oz- $14.49

And finally at the last …I think last Harris Teeter I found the can of baby formula.  I had bought 2 cans of this stuff back when I started all this last November.  It seemed to be great formula and Ethan only get a few bottles a week, but formula is added to lots of his food.  So while we don’t spend as much as many of my friends do on baby formula trust me I still hate paying the high price!

So all in all it was a crazy night in search of egg noodles, although I didn’t use most of my egg noodle coupons, I did get enough rainchecks to use them all up.  I found lots of GREAT items on CLEARANCE.  I think I spent around $40 on clearance items between all the stores.


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