Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

HT 3-19-10 March 20, 2010

Filed under: Harris Teeter — queen620 @ 9:43 am

Total:  $72.72

Saved: $162.82

Value: $235.54

69% savings 🙂

Tonight was a great night at HT.  I had a few good Qn’s and a couple of Kmart Qn’s to save $10/off $20 purchase.  I did not know that HT accepts these types of Qns.   Used one for each transaction and save $20 off the top.  Unfortunately, I read that the stores normally only honor ones in fliers and home mailings not off the internet, so I will keep my eyes open for those.

There were a few good deals this week.  If you haven’t signed up for evic yet stop reading this and go do it now!!!

This week Brad & I got the same promos…milk $2.47, eggs $1.59, Smithfield bacon $2.50 (pair that with my IPQn’s made for 2 packs of bacon at $1.40 each.)

Just a few highlights:

Barrilla Pasta 4/$5.  bought Qn off of ebay $.55 on one+ $.25 each after factoring ebay cost!

Egg Noodles BOGO @ $2.29 ( could have been free if I rang each one up individually, however I opted to pay, around $.25 each to save lots of time!)

Classico pasta Sauce, BOGO at $2.69 I think, had $1./off2 so 2 for $1.69

had Qn to save $1.50 off meat w/ purchase of 2 classico pasta sauces…paid $3.45 for 4lbs of 80/20 beef already on sale!!!!

Cambells tomato/chicken Noodle soup $.50 each, no more Qns left!  Still a good price.  basically same as ALDI

Lysol toilet cleaner BOGO, after Qn $.35

Lysol cleaner BOGO, after Qn$.50

Frozen Pretzel, after Qn: $1.50

Dannon yogurt another evic promo, after Qn $.20 each  almost everybody here eats 1 yogurt a day.

(It is time to buy a yogurt maker and make it myself.  I have tried several different methods with varying results.  It isn’t that difficult, but haven’t mastered it!   That would save us several dollars each week not to mention taking out all the preservatives and extra sugar out of our diet.)

I think that is all I can mention.  I am out of steam on blogging.

NEXT week is TRIPPLE Qn week.  🙂  So I guess I will be making several trips depending on how the sales and Qns work out!


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