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The Queen of Coupons that is!

Harris Teeter 3-13-10 March 13, 2010

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Harris Teeter 3-13-10

Spent: $94.29

Saved: $ 123.63

Total Value: $217.92

57% savings

My goal is to have my overall savings between 65-70%, as you can tell I wasn’t even close.  That being said please note how much produce, dairy & fresh meat I got today.  I would venture that at least 40% of what I bought today would fall into those 3 categories.  Although I can use Qn’s for lunch meat and yogurt/cheese it is difficult to consistently find Qn for fresh milk and fresh meat.

Harris Teeter ran an ad in Friday’s newspaper that had $16 in store coupons.  I bought 2 papers…one for Brad & one for me.  There was a limit on how many of each Qn one could use.  Here was the make your own sale deal:

4 x $.50 off Qn

4x $1.00 Qn good on any item over $2.

2 x $5 off Qn off of $40 (could use the second $5 off if you spent $80 or more) & (also had to be taken off of all other discounts/Qns)

You could not combine manufacturer Qn with the above Qn other than the $5. off total purchase.

So when I saw those Qn I realized there were quite a few cuts of meat already on sale, so I went and stocked up!

I bought:

Cube Steak that was BOGO

Stew Meat BOGO

Ground Turkey BOGO

I would have gotten roast that was BOGO, but out of stock!

I used the other Qn toward fresh produce.  I had manufacturer Qn for almost every other item in my cart, so that worked out great!

I also got a can of OFF bug Spray for $1.50 after clearance and $1. off Qn

Here is a quick run down of what else I had:

*12 yoplait yogurt  $.33 each

*4 packs Morrel lunch meat

*2 Tropicanna OJ

*2 gallons milk

*4lb bag naval oranges

*Bunch bananas

*bag of salad

*1 bell pepper

* 2 lbs of Tillapia $3.99 lb

*8 cans Campbell’s  tomato soup

*4 cans Hunts Diced Tomato

*5 cans Hunt tomato sauce

*Chex mix $.29

* pineapple $2.50 each

* grapes $2.79lb not a great price, but we haven’t been eating enough fresh produce lately!

* 2 cans Emerald Nuts $2.49 each

*Mop head- clearance $2.47

*1 box BettyCrocker potatoes $.45

*2 pouches of Betty Crocker mashed potatoes FREE after Qn!

*2 bags NO YOLK egg noodles FREE!

This will be my squirrel item for the week.  I bought 20 Qn off of ebay, so I will be heading back to HT to buy lots more!

* $3. or so in clearance candy (kids consumed b/4 we got home!)

* packs of bagels $1.89 each, I think they should have been $1.19 each, but then Qn might have been in the wrong place…oh well!

*2 Dawn Hand renewal evic for both of us @ $1.77 each (I think) so after $.50 Qn = $.77 each

*2 Dawn dish soap- 10 oz- $.99 each had $.25 Qn so $.49 each.  Not as good a deal as above, but the $.50 off Qn was for the dawn hand renewal.   I haven’t quite caught the sales just right so in my stock pile it bounce back and forth between the 10 oz and the larger ones.  Usually I pay $.50 each for the small ones and never more than  $1. for the larger ones.  I haven’t figured out what the rock bottom price is.  both of those prices per oz are very comparable with Sam’s price so I am content with that!

So overall it was a good trip.  It has been a while since I have stocked up on meat.  I will need to buy a case of Ground Beef soon from Sam’s.  The last year or so I have been splitting a case with a friend.  I have yet to see 90% ground beef go on sale for cheaper than what Sam’s case price is.


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