Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

CVS 3-11-10 March 12, 2010

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Total spent:$42.34

Saving: $ 59.84

Total Value:  $102.18

Savings 59%

Okay that isn’t too impressive so let me run the numbers not including Davis’  Zhu-Zhu Pet birthday gifts:  $24.76

& Generic Sudafed : $10.00 …hey it is almost spring and I like to breathe occasionally!

I also have a separate budget to fund birthday gifts and Rx so the above numbers don’t count toward my monthly grocery allocations which does include health, beauty, pet food, paper products, occasional diapers & formula.

So let’s try those # again not including above items

Spent $7.58

(could have been less but I forgot to use some of my ECB or my giftcard!)

Saved: $57.95

Value $65.53

88% Savings!


I didn’t include this in the above photo b/c  I actually paid for them yesterday.  Do you remember where I said that I bought four, but only 1 of the four packs printed out my ECB.  I decided since I had to go to Sam’s and I had forgotten to buy Sudafed yesterday I would see if the CVS on Wendover across from Costco had the right packages.  Sure enough the nice young cashier simply returned the other three that were SUPER absorbancy and then re-rang these and VOILA 6 more ECB printed out.  So if you go make sure you use get the REGULAR abosorbancy…no wings or deodorant!   So b/c I got those extra 6 ECB it lowered my total OOP expense in the next transaction.  This deal is also going on next week so if you use the BOGO Qn from 1/03 and then print 2 $1. off Qn you end getting all 4 packs for FREE plus making money!  I just bought more off of ebay so I should be able to stock up more next week by using “Brad’s Card.”

“Brad” bought the Olay Regenerist Cleanser, jergens travel size lotion, and aveeno travel lotion

He had a $3. off Qn for the regenerist and a CVS qn save $2/off $10 skincare.  The cleanser was only $7, so I added the cheapest “skincare” fillers I could find to use both Qn for maximum savings.  I got both for $6.28 + tax. On to the real deal!


Have you ever wondered what you can get for $.48 and a few ECB and Great Qn’s!

On this order alone I saved $51.96 between ECB earned yesterday and Qn.

So here goes my explanation I used 4 manufacturer Qn, 1 CVS qn and 21 ECB…I think!

*Venus Embrace razor $6 (clearance item, not all were on clearance)

– $ 2. off Manufacturer Qn

-4 ECB promo=  FREE

* Olay Regenerest on Sale $19.

-$3.00 Man. Qn

– $ 2.00/ off $10. 00 or more purchase of skincare = $15.00

(most of my ECB went to pay for this and cover the $4. to pay on razor)

*Olay Quench body lotion $8.99

-FREE with purchase of Olay Regenerest Moisturizer

*Olay Body wash $8.99

-FREE with purchase of Olay Regenerest Moisturizer

so total for above picture was $17.48 which I used 17 ECB + $.48 to pay for everything!

I am not sure if the ECB are supposed to cover tax.  Sometimes they seem to other times they don’t.

The above deal is what I was ranting about with Walgreens a few nights ago.  I tried to do the exact same deal same 3 items, same 3 manufacture Qn’s and was told it would work.  The registered beeped at the cashier at CVS and all he did was right in the amount of the free item on the Qn and then punched it into the register.  No needing anyone to OVERRIDE anything.  CVS will be reimbursed for everything!  I don’t think I was misusing the Qns.  I think the cashiers at that particular Walgreens aren’t accommodating of couponers.   I don’t see why they care.  They are getting paid plus a handling fee for every Qn they deal with.  Now I am feeling really jipped b/c I didn’t walk away with my free bodywash from the other night.   I think Proctor & Gamble set the Qn’s up like they did so they could move new Olay items off of the shelf.   I was hesitant about buying the cleanser and moisturizer.  I bought the scrubbing cleanser back during HT super doubles when it was on sale.  I really like it and decided to take the plunge and buy the moisturizer.  After using the moisturizer a few days I decided to buy another bottle of each b/c when I run out there may not be Qn floating around for them.  I don’t really like trying new facial items!

Another side note all of the FOUR olay items count towards a rebate that Olay has going on- buy 3 olay products and get $15 back.  As of right now I have gotten most of my items for free or very cheaply.  After I get the rebates back they will have all been for free!

There are is also an other Proctor &U Gamble promo where spend $50 in PG items get $100 in Qns.  I have bought lots of items lately that should get me to my minimum very easily.  I would have been there already, except I didn’t think to ask for duplicate reciepts.  All of the Olay products count toward the PG coupon promo, but I would rather have cash in hand then Qn’s!


I know CVS can be very confusing, but if you are wondering how and where to get started I would head on over to   Jenny has a whole section on getting started.  CVS isn’t that confusing as long as you start out slowly and don’t worry about doing everything perfectly in the beginning.  Maybe you walk in and only buy toothbrushes or toothpaste the first few weeks and then add in as you start to get the hand of it.  Very quickly you will have plenty of toothpaste and toothbrushes all for free after ECB that you roll for next week.   Don’t forget tax…NC taxes everything.  But can you imaging getting Nivea lipbalm for the cost of tax?  Or $4 toothbrushes and only pay tax?  CVS is much easier to get started than Walgreens.  There ECB (store credits) don’t expire as quickly as Walgreens.  Usually you have about 3 weeks before they expire.  If you are worried you will forget to use them, then buy all you ECB stuff first and then buy whatever else you need/want and use you ECB to cover part of that transaction.  That is what I did for a long time, b/c I only went in on occasion.


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