Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Walgreens 3-9-10 March 10, 2010

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Have I mentioned how much I don’t like Walgreens.  Tonight was another night!  I am so disgusted.  It seems to be their personal mission to not accept coupons and to question almost any Qn that comes their way.  I was very infuriated. I am on the fence again about shopping there!

Sales people have consistently been rude.  They have argued over many coupons, only b/c they didn’t scan the appropriate item or store Qn.

I have been lied to many times.  When all was said and done I had told them what I thought.  I told them there was a reason why I don’t consistently shop there.  They can’t compete with CVS when it comes to coupon policy and general niceness.  Of course the clerks weren’t happy about my comments.  But I don’t really care.  When cashiers feel it is their right to SET ME Straight on coupon usage (although they have probably never used a Qn before) I am not going to be kind.  I have tried playing dumb and let them set me straight before, but when they aren’t telling me the same things it is hard to take them seriously!

FYI I was at the Walgreens across from Harris Teeter on McKay Dr.  The only Walgreens i have been to where people weren’t rude was the one right beside UNCG.  Maybe I will try that one later, but I doubt I will go to that one again.  Which is so sad  b/c  it would be so much more convenient to go to Walgreens while out at HT.  Enough rambling here is my totals


Saved $40.15

total value $61.75

65% savings

Should have saved another $4 but my 4 of my RR had expired on Monday.  Walgreens sets you up so that you come in every 14 days or they expire.  CVS usually gives you 3 weeks with their ECB which means I don’t have problems with stuff expiring, or having to suck it up and buy not so good deals just so I don’t loose my store credit.  Also CVS would have pushed it through if it had only been expired by a day or so!

I also should have walked away with an Olay bodywash, but that was the Qn that we were having the disagreement about.  The cashier was saying I couldn’t use the Qn for the free body wash if I was also using a Qn for a free Olay lotion.  They didn’t get that the Qn didn’t state they couldn’t be purchased together.  They also tried telling me I could use a $3 off Olay facial moisturizer b/c the label on the moisturizer didn’t say “FACIAL” moisturizer.  Never mind that the moisturizer matched the picture exactly!  In the end the register was beeping to reject the coupon b/c she hadn’t scanned the item that the Qn was being used on.  Let’s not forget that the register didn’t reject the other Qn for the Olay body wash, it merely needed the cashier to write  in the $$ amount for the free body wash.

I was hot when I left there last night.  A co-worker of my husband’s sister is the manager there and from what he has told Brad it seems to her mission to not let anything get through.  That is fine.  I just won’t do any more business at your location!  So those extra filler items that I do buy will just sit on the shelf.  And the other overpriced stuff that I do buy can be purchased at CVS or Walmart!  Or if nothing else I will stick to going to the one by UNCG!


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