Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

CVS 3-10-10 March 10, 2010

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If I had a piece of flair I would have posted that instead!

After last night at Walgreens, I really enjoyed my trip to CVS. 100

Spent $59.08/ $29.32 was actual grocery,healthy& beauty!

Saved $ 125.63  (reflected entire amount spent)

Total Value:  184.71

(includes a $25.  CVS giftcard FREE)

68% saved

ECB left: 30.99 & $25. giftcard for later! So basically I spent $ 5 for everything after ECB and giftcard!!!!

Did I mention I LOVE CVS!! 🙂

Let me clarify the pic.  My assistant didn’t quite pose everything like usual.

The blue packs on the back row are FOUR packs of Stayfree maxi pads @ $3.69 each.

Had 2 BOGO Qns + 2x $1.oo Qn so paid $5.38 for all 4 or $1.35 each.

Then there was an unadvertised deal for 2 ECB for every pack purchased.  I should have gotten back 8 ECB, but not sure if it had to be a particular pack/size/style or what but only got back 2 ECB instead of 8.  Maybe I will ask for a price adjustment when I go later.

So after ECB actual adjusted price would be $3.38 or $.85 each!

4 packs of Oral B tooth brushes @ $4. each –FREE + OVERAGE

-Get back 4 ECB each, card limit of 2 brushes!

Had 2 BOGO Qn + 2 $.75 off  Qn so paid $3.25 for 2 on one transaction and got back 8 ECB, second transaction clerk didn’t adjust for sale price, but regular price so BOGO took off $5.49 & $.75 Qn= 2 toothbrushes $1.26 & got back 8 ECB.  (please remember this isn’t dishonest b/c CVS will still get reimbursed for the full amount whether it was $4 off or $5.49 off b/c that is what the Qn stated.)

-2 large bottles of Head& Shoulders @ $7.49 each

had 2 $1. off Qn, pickup wrong bottle b/c the sale tags weren’t put out correctly.  The sale was supposed to have been for the smaller bottles

@ $4.99 each, 2 ECB back.  When I went to return the items b/c of the mix up.  He realized what had happened and said it would be easier for him to just issue me 10 ECB instead of return the 2 items and then reringing the correct size……

So after my $2 in Qn + 10 ECB back I got 2 large bottles for $1.49 each.  (Walgrreens should take a lesson here in customer service.  He realized that several of the labels had been put out incorrectly and was very willing to make me satisfied.)

*1 venus embrace razor @ $6.00 each  clearance (originally on sale for $8.99)

Had a $2 off Qn and got 4 ECB back so it was FREE!

*2 tubes Nivea chapstick @ 2.99 each

got 2.99 in ECB back so FREE

*5 cans of PLANTAR mixed nuts 12 oz–clearance @ $1.37 each

Had a Qn at home,  could have been better!!!!

*4 Johson & Johnson bathbuddies @1.39 each

4x $1.00 off Qn

They weren’t free this time, but I only paid $.39 each!  The Qn were set to expire on 3-15-10 and I would knew I wouldn’t make it to Walmart or Babies RUs b/4 they expire, so I opted to overpay slightly so as not to waste my Qn!

*1 Rx for Ethan Flouride $6.86 (not sure why insurance doesn’t cover it!?)

*1- $25 giftcard for filling Ethans’s Rx at CVS

*2 Zhu-Zhu Pets for Davis Birthday (I included it in the total b/c I paid for it while out tonight.  I didn’t use my ECB b/c they are my PLAY $$.  Also his birthday was allocated in the budget, so why use my play $$ for something I would buy anyway!  Just b/c I could have used my ECB I wouldn’t spend more on him, b/c then I would have to spend more on each of his brothers.)

2-Gillette Deodorant Clearance for $2.25 each- had $1. off Qn for each. =$1.25 each

Surprise bonus, there was an ECB deal for other Gillette Deodorant for 1 ECB back with purchase they printed out for both clearance items, so I got them for $.25 each + free body wash with one of them.

(Had another Qn for free body wash, but they were our of body wash!)

1 gillette bodywash @ $4.99- free with purchase of gillette deodorant.  (of course they want you to purchase a more expensive item but that wasn’t stipulated in the Qn)

So all in all it was a great night!  I also got several great Qn that printed on my reciepts.  2x save $2 off purchase of $10 of more skincare.  I recently tried the Olay regenerest scrubbing wash and regenerest facial moisturizer.   I still have Qn for free body wash with purchase + $3. Qn off of moisturizer or wash.  So I think I will go by tomorrow when I am out at Sam’s and pick up more cleanser and moisturizer.   I will then also finish off my Olay Rebate and Brad’s Olay rebate and get back $30 total between both rebates.

At that point I will have tried lots of bodywashes, lotions, facial products for hardly anything!

I have come to realize that if a person isn’t brand loyal you can have lots of free or nearly free toothbrushes, toothpaste, bodywash (men’s & women’s), make up!   I am amazed at how little I spend at CVS every week and yet all the toiletries I come home with.  One of my favorite fringe benefits is not having to go into Walmart very often.   I like grocery shopping at GROCERY STORES and getting most of my toiletries at the drug store.  Yes, this takes a bit of time, but I can see how my time b/c less and less the more that I do it.  I am not nearly as worried as my transactions being perfect as I had laid out at home.  I am getting better at going with the flow and seeing how things will probably work out.  I am sure I could cut it closer and pay less out of pocket, but I also don’t like doing more than 3 transactions if I can possibly avoid it.  I would rather keep a higher stash of ECB and then do fewer transactions next week and then save up for the next week.

This was a great week.  I am thinking about looking for another clearance razor tomorrow and maybe some fillers for kids easter baskets.  CVS had a promo where spend $10 of certain candies on sale and get $3 ECB back.  I think I have a few Qn for the items on sale so I might be able to work it out!  My kids aren’t to picky as to what is in their easter basket as long as it is JUNK!  I am also on the lookout for a few DVD, usually we get one for each of the boys.


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