Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Lowes, Walmart, & CVS March 5, 2010

Filed under: CVS,Lowe's Food,Wlamart — queen620 @ 9:13 am

Did a quick trip last night to use a few coupons that were about to expire.  I didn’t take a photo, b/c it was late I was tired.  I am making a note on my blog so I remember for my personal totals!

I spent $50 at Walmart.  I only went in for a few things…I am sure others know what I mean.  I did end up buying over $30 in clearance winter clothes, that is why the above # is so high.  Got some supper cute red PJ that will be cute on all 3 older boys next Christmas morning.

Walmart has also changed their Qn policy.  They no longer accept ANY internet Qn for free items.  So I left my four packs of Oreos and 2 gallons of milk there!  I went to CVs to try and use my FB Oreo BOGO Qn.  They didn’t have skim milk, so I only bought 8 cans of Chicken Noodle Soup @ $.49 a can and used to Qn saving me a total of $.80 making each can $.40 each.  That even beats Aldi’s store brand price!

Also bought 2 refills for the Glade sense & Spray units.  Had a store Qn print out and I had a Qn save $2.  off of 2.  So all in all I paid $5. for two.

A few months ago this would have definitely been an no go item, but b/c I save so much on other stuff I don’t feel like I am stealing from groceries to buy nicer smelly stuff.  I also have enjoyed how fresh the BOYS bathroom has been smelling!

Use 8 ECB from earlier in the week and bought 8 cans Campbell’s Ckn Noodle Soup and 2 Glade Scents and Spray refills for $.80 OOP.  I still have 1.50 in ECB and Brad still has 10.50!  Not to bad to keep me going next week!

Then went to Lowe’s to use my Nabisco Qn.  The deal was buy 1 pack Nabisco Cookies & 1 gallon milk get a pack of Nabisco cookies free!

Also bought 6 cans of tuan, used two Qn where I bought 2 got 1 free.  All 6 cans came out to $.60 a can not so bad since this was starkist premium albacore tuna.  All in all I spent around $20 @ Lowes.

So my total trip was $70 app. but only $35 of that was grocery.


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