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WeeRuns Consignment sale! 2-21-10 March 2, 2010

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WOW this pic doesn’t do it justice!
The last few WeeRun sales I have been so frustrated with the sale that I limit myself to only shopping the 70% off sale.  This has worked well b/c I can get great stuff at a fraction of the cost.  As the boys are getting older it is harder to find nice older boy clothes at consignment sales.  What I do find often doesn’t suit our dress standards.   I also have found way to many items at this particular sale to be OVERPRICED and DAMAGED.  This year was no different.  I came home with several items that upon closer inspection were outright broken or had stains.  The quality control checks for this sale have gone way down.  I personally think the owner of the sale has allowed many items that in past years she would have rejected just to pad her numbers!  Yes, in case you can’t tell I have a personal beef with the owner of the sale.   I will keep my choicer words to myself.  But b/c of my past experiences I at this current time no longer will volunteer or consign my clothes.  I also like shopping on the 70% sale b/c of the way she runs her numbers she is loosing $$ not the consignors.  Alright I know enough of my tirade here are my totals…

Total:  $228

so if I had shopped during the normal non discounted days my total would have been between $700-$800!

Did I also mention that I bought 109 items…that is ~$2 per item!

I got two diaper bags for $15 retail value was well over $100 between the two.   I had been eying several at BabiesRUs and decided to wait b/c I had a 20% Qn good for later in the month!

That is far below what i would have paid for many of these items.  Can you imagine walking into Children’s Place, Land’s End, Kohls, JcPenny, Carters, Old Navy and buying almost anything you wanted for only $2. an item?  I don’t think so.  But don’t be deceived and think everything I bought was used, at least 5-10 items still had the tags on them.

Shopping the 70% sales has really helped me stay a few seasons ahead.  B/c I am saving so much per item  I can buy ahead.  What I have noticed is that boys styles don’t drastically change so buying this far out isn’t a problem as long as I stick to more basic items.  But when I buy snow bibs that are a size 16 at $4 I won’t need to get them later and pay more or not find them and shuffle things when it is cold and snowy.  I have also done well doing this with nicer church clothes.

It has also worked great for buying clothes for Ethan.  There are tons of baby clothes left at the end of consignment sales, so using this knowledge I have been able to stock up on basics like nice Carter’s Pj and Baby Gap items for just a dollar or two.   When it comes to Ethan I am also trying to buy two sizes for each season b/c babies grow way too fast 😦  I know he will level off soon enough, but this helps to stretch my budget a lot.

Most seasons I am able to buy 90% of what the boys need during the consignment season.  My goal the last few years has been to spend around $500 per season.  B/c I buy so far in advance this means that buy the time Joshua is ready to wear 12 summer I might already have half of what he needs.   That is very important in clothing boys from consignment sale.  One will be very hard pressed to find 100% of what a growing preteen and teen boy will need by limiting yourself to one season only to look.  B/c I already have half of what Joshua needs this year I have less I must buy and less I might have to buy full price!  The best example of this is buying winter coats.  I bought a BRAND NEW WITH TAGS LANDS END winter coat for $10 one season.  Joshua didn’t need it that year, but he would need it eventually!  I bought it.  He grew faster than anticipated and wore it only a year later, but I had it and didn’t have to worry about finding a winter coat.  (Winter Coats can be very difficult to find at consignment sales, so b/c I always have my eyes open we haven’t had to pay full price for a jacket, coat, or snow bids in over 5 years.)  I also try to buy gender neutral coats and bids so if we ever have a girl it wouldn’t scream BOY.   I have lots of other tricks for consignment sales.   Maybe I will mention more later as there will be plenty more just around the corner!


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