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More Harris Teeter Super Doubles March 2, 2010

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All were FREE or less than $1

(sorry apples were $1.29lb)

Capri Sun was as good a price as Sam’s, but was only off buy a few cents per box.  So if it saves me from not having to go to Sam’s that is okay!

2,000 flushes FREE

Edy’s IceCream for less than a $1.  will be great for Davis birthday next month!

Ortega salsa $.50 each

Perdue ground chicken $.50 a pound

Most of  these were free or less than $1.

The cheese nips and refried beans were FREE.

The baby powder and baby soap were FREE.

Yes that is 18 cans of FREE refried beans, will go great with my free tortillas!

Metamucil was $.84 b/c you never know when you need it!

The bandaid’s were mostly less than $1.50 each many of them were between $.25- .50 each.

What I learned after Brad burned his hand is that it only takes one accident to cruise through a BUNCH of  band aids!  So it is better to appear to be overstocked than understocked.  I have the space to store them so this keeps me from having to go buy when an emergency occurs and then pay whatever the price is.

the totals do not include the previous picture for Super Doubles.  All in all I went to HT 5 times, yes I know a bit crazy, but several of the times I knew I was going to be out running errands so I added it to my to do list.  I am tired of grocery shopping!  Sorry for lack of details we have all been sick so I am way behind on updating everything!

total spent $251.69

total saved: $439.92

total value: $691.61

64% saved


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