Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

February 17, 2010

Filed under: CVS — queen620 @ 10:19 am

CVS 2-9-10

oop $1.53

CVS GiftCard spent $17.68

(this is still considered FREE$$/SAVINGS  in today’s total, b/c I got it for free merely by filling my kids flouride Rx0

(This would have also been OOP, if I hadn’t had giftcard, or I might have been more careful with rolling my ECB…)

$145.22 saved (not including GC above)

$164.43 Total Value

99.7% savings after including $$ used on CVS GC

87% savings if I hadn’t had CVS giftcard, even that is rather impressive!

Used 52 ECB, ended with 9

between sales and Qn saved 93.22.

It is hard to believe that just 3 months ago I thought Qn’s were a waste of time…now they are like cash…if you use them correctly!

I am not going to go line by line b/c there were lots of problems.  I started out shopping at Randleman Rd CVS, except they were missing multiple items so I quickly left and went to the one by UNCG.   I must admit that I would expect this location to be busier and out of stock being so close to a college campus, but not so.  The staff has always been very nice and helpful.

Brad started with 16ECB ended with 4,

Regina started with 8 ended with 5.

Few High points:

buy 5 boxes Ritz for $10. get 3 ECB

had $1 off Qn–used 5= paid $5, got back 3 ECB

Two packs of FREE GOLDEN oreos-got two Qn by becoming a fan on FB!

3 bottles Dawn @ .50 each after using 3 -$.50 offQn

Spend $15 on select PG products get back 5 ECB

Brad: 1 Venus razor ($2. off Qn, Qn for FREE olay body wash, used 1 Qn for   Olay body wash)

2 pantene hair styler products (2x $1. off Qn)

$9 after Qn, used ECB from last week plus tax OOP got back 5 ECB, so got Venus Razor, Olay body wash, 2 pantene products for $1 each

Regina: same P& G promo except did this:

Gillete Clinical deodorant @$8

2 Gillette Body Wash@ $4. each

$16 before Qn -1 Free body wash when purchase deodorant, 2 off bodywash,

$1. off deodorant= $9 oop + tax (used last week ECB) got back 5 ECB, so $1.33 each!

*Gillette Fusion Razor @ $8.99- 4 off Qn= $4.99 + tax OOP (used ECB to pay except for tax.) got back 4 ECB so total was $.99 for gillette razor!

*Excedrin deal: Buy 5 Excedrin get 7 ECB back

bought 4 @ 2.49 + bought 1 @ 6.99 =$16.95 +tax

used a total of 5 Qn’s = 7,  paid $9.95 +tax, (previous ECB other than tax)

got back 7 ECB

*Reach toothbrushes/floss

both Brad and I did this transaction.

Buy 1 Reach floss/ toothbrushes/listerene @ $3.99 get 2 ECB back

had Qn for BOGO on the toothbrushes so go 4 toothbrushes free after getting back 4 ECB!

Had BOGO Qn for floss so got 2 packs of floss for Free after Qn and getting 4 ECB back!

Bought several needed items and used the CVS giftcard to buy valentines & candy for kids to go to a party.

Bought Veet hair removal system for $1.34 after clearance & IQn


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