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Regina CVS 2-2-10 February 8, 2010

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Regina CVS 2-2-10

$7.26 OOP, used 10ECB, got back 8 ECB

Trans # 1

@ Dove Men’s body Wash @ $5.49

($1. off Qn & $1.25 off Qn, got back 10.98 ECB= FREE, plus $2.25 overage!)

Colgate Maxfresh toothpaste @ $2.99

(- $.75 off Qn, 2 ECB = $.24 after ECB!)

paid $3. in Qn+ 10 EC B

$2.05 OOP

Trans # 2

1 Hershey bar @ $.67 (for my helper!)

6jars/$10 Ragu Sp Sauce

( 2 $1.25 off Qn, 3 ECB back= $.79 a jar, but wait, I have been  partially paying with store credit)

1 REvlon photo finish poweder @ $9.99

($1. off Qn, 5 ECB back)

paid $3.25 in Qn  + 12.98 ECB from above=

$5.21 OOP

$7.26 OOP, used 10ECB, got back 8 ECB

Trans # 3

Got kids flouride Rx filled and used register Qn that printed out last week.  Got a FREE $25 CVS gift card for filling my prescription there.!


2 Responses to “Regina CVS 2-2-10”

  1. Claire Says:

    Ok R, you have to tell me where you got that CVS Rx coupon (for a free $25 GC). I have a scrip I need to fill and have been searching everywhere for one of those (had one last year but not since).

    • queen620 Says:

      It printed out on my register receipt. Have you tried ebay? Also I have heard that they will honor a Target/Walgreen’s/RiteAid promo. I haven’t tried it, but I wouldn’t hurt to call and ask!

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