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The Queen of Coupons that is!

Harris Teeter 2-5-10 February 8, 2010

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HT 2-5-10

Tonight was much better than last weeks trip!  Between my separate orders I used around 60 Qn’s

Combined totals: $109.62

Qn+Vic: $174.78

total vaule $284.40, savings of 62%


2 Free Goldfish after IQ from

Solo plates $.50

3 -Fiber One Bars- $1.00

Hunt’s Fire Roasted Tomatoes $.95 each (not the cheapest, but can’t get fire roasted at Aldi!)

3- Tobasco Sauce- FREE

2-French’s Spicy Brown Mustard $.50 each

2- French’s Worcestershire Sauce $.50 each (Great Value brand can’t beat that price)

Reynold’s Aluminum Foil, 50 sq.ft. $.25 each (not sure if that is cheaper than Sam’s, but doesn’t seem too bad!)

4 boxes – 3ct Pop Secret $.50 each

(this is a steal, I had been paying DOUBLE this price even on sale!  These are for Brad to take to work,

@ home we use a popper and loose kernels, can’t get cheaper than that, unless they are FREE!)

2 boxes Gorton Popcorn shrimp, $1.30 each

(this is a cheap meal starter for us, we would NEED both boxes!)

Chex Mix $ .90 each,

Chex Chocolate Mix $2.19 (splurge item…not on sale like above mix!)

A woman has to have CHOCOLATE 🙂

Ball Park Hotdogs  Turkey $1.08, Beef $1.43

(used all my Qn this week and last week)

Smart Balance buttery spread $1.10

(tried this last cycle and we really like it & I can’t believe it’s not Butter)

Sauve Antiperspirant $.50 each!

Blistex Complete Care Lip Care $.30  each

Dannon Yogurt 6oz cup- $.23 each!

Dannon Yogurt 32 oz tub- $1.50

Bird’s Eye SteamFresh Meals 2 @ $2.50 each

(Wiill need both for us, but still a nice meal starter.  I try to keep all meals less than $10, but generally including bread, veggies/fruit, sides & entree’ $8.00 is the norm.  This really allows us to have nicer cuts of Fresh/Frozen Fish/ Roast.. etc.)


Once again I split my check out into two transactions in order to maximize Qn, especially the BOGO + Qn where I only needed to buy 1 item.  This really adds up.  I saved at least $10 just by doing this.  I also used 38 Qn’s that doubled, by checking out under my card and Brad’s card I was able to exceed the limit of 20 Qn’s per day.   I stuck to my list.  I didn’t really buy anything not on my list.  I need to buy baby formula for Ethan, but it seemed really high, so I will get at Walmart if I must!   The only area that I played around with was the produce.  I went in knowing I needed to buy Apples and Oranges.  I picked which apple variety I bought based on what was on sale.  (Side note, I asked produce manager what type of Apple an Empire Apple was, he went and cut one up for me to try!  It was great not too sweet like REd/Golden Delicious, not to tart like the out of season Granny Smiths have been lately.  Just right!  I bought a bunch!)

There are lots of ways to win at Harris Teeter.  It is an EXPENSIVE store, but the sales are GREAT so if you are shopping to fill in the stockpile one can make off like a bandit.  As you will see from my weekly list, I am not shopping for things that I NEED.  This allows me some flexibility to not worry if they are out of what I NEEDED.   I should make better use of RainChecks, but honestly I forget to pick up on my way out!  RainChecks are great b/c you can use when convenient for you, but b/4 Qn expires!    I have been overpaying for milk, but I haven’t had the chance to make it to Aldi or Sam’s, so if this is one of the few items that I am overpaying on, the Qn’s help to buffer me a little!!!!!


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