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Walgreens 2-3-10 February 3, 2010

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Total after Qn, Register rewards and Cash refund b/c last Register Reward didn’t print out…hold onto your seats this is astounding!!!!!

$5.82 OOP

Nope you didn’t misread that, and I didn’t mistype it!  It was incredibly bumpy at Walgreens tonight on High Point and Holden Rd.  They were HIGHLY understaffed.   The register didn’t print out 2 of my Register Rewards so he had to do cash refunds.  So I got all of this and don’t have any “monopoly $$ aka Register Rewars (RR)”  b/c the last RR was given to me in cash, it will just go back into the grocery fund, so that is why my total was so low.  If it hadn’t been for that it would have been:

$15.82 OOP with $10 RR

Even though the above number is impressive,  the jury is out as to whether it would be worth the hassle.  I am not completely ruling out trying again another week.  I think there is another Walgreens over near the HT I already shop at every week.    I will try to explain how I did all of this.  It all started with a Bayer Contour Glucose Monitor that was on sale for $14.99 and got back $10 RR.  I had a Qn from long ago that made it FREE + 10RR. No one hear is diabetic so the monitor will go in our donate box.  Wouldn’t go out of my way to buy a monitor, but if it is free and makes me $$ I will a take it!

Transaction #1:

Bayer Contour Glucose Monitor $14.99 + 10 RR back

(-Qn made if free other than tax)

Thermacare heat wrap @ $5.99

Thermacare heat wrap @ $6.99

(had 2- $3. 0ff Qn for each wrap)

(I think the second one was also supposed to ring up at $5.99, but I didn’t notice it, and it they were so understaffed I wasn’t going to dispute it)

So after tax and Qn’s paid $ 9.15 + 15 RR

Transaction #2

Hand Sanitizer @ $1.99

(filler item, to maximize above RR, didn’t need it after all, Oh Well, Brad likes to take to work!)

Blink Eye Drops @ $7.99

(-$2. Qn, – $7.99 in RR to print at check out, so FREE +$2 profit)

Zicam cold sore medicine @ $10

(-$3 Qn on package , -$7 RR to print @ checkout, so FREE)

IceBreakers Mints  $1.99

(Needed another filler item to maximize RR and cover tax.)

Total : $23.67 – $5 in Qn, – 15 RR from Trans #1 above

OOP: $3.67 + 7 RR + $8.61 in cash refund b/c RR form eyedrops didn’t print out!

Transaction #3

5 packs of jello @ $.20 each

2- dayquil sinus @ $5. each

(2- $2. off Qn’s)

2- vicks cough syrup @ $5. each

(2- $1. off Qn’s)

Hand Sanitizer @ $1.99

Total $24.71 – $8.61 in cash refund from above, – 7 RR from Trans#2, – $6. worth of Qn’s =  $3.00 OOP

Promo was buy $20 worth of  vicks/nyquil items get back $10 RR, mine didn’t print out, so manager gave me $10 CASH BACK, making all of the items $5.82 OOP


2 Responses to “Walgreens 2-3-10”

  1. Karla Says:

    DId youknow what to buy at WG’s from the Grocery Game? I ask because I can’t decide if I should add CVS or WG to my list.

    • queen620 Says:

      I do have CVS on my grocery game list, but I am going to drop it off and maybe replace it with Lowe’s Foods. Then I will only have HT and Lowe’s.

      I have found that to be FAR better at CVS than grocerygame. Southern Saver’s has lots of internet Qn’s listed and has direct links; often the IQn’s are better than what was in the paper. Jenny also gives LOTS of info to help you get started, and she also lists basic scenarios on how to roll you ECB at CVS.

      The only reason I did so well was b/c I had the Bayer Contour meter Qn from RP 10/25. After reviewing how things played out, I could have gotten the ThermaCare wraps at the end and a few fillers and paid less OOP, but my goal was to have RR for next week. I am not in a huge rush to try again at that location, maybe a different store would be better.

      I do really like CVS, but aside from the hassle as long as you pay in cash at Walgreens they have no way of tracking your purchases, b/c you don’t scan a customer card.

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