Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

HT 2-1-10 February 3, 2010

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HT wasn’t overly impressive tonight.  My total for the first picture was $58.71 OOP

Qn+Vic savings $61.47

savings of 51% not bad, but not as good as usual.

I was in a real hurry.  The weather was NASTY, so I tried to get in and get out quickly!  Maybe next trip will be better.  On the plus side “BRAD” did OK!

Totals for second picture were $4.48 OOP

Qn+Vic $12.07

savings of 70%

Brad did so well b/c his evic special was buy velveeta get free box of Nabisco crackers.  I had a $1. off 1 Qn for both Velveeta and crackers, making the velveeta $2.95.

2,000 flushes were $1.99 had a Qn making it $.80!

Chex mix was $1.39 so after Qn it was $.39!

Both the chex mix &2,000 flushes were BOGO, but b/c my Qn stated I only had to buy 1, I purchased them separate from my above order and was then able to use 2 coupons for each item instead of just 1 in the first transaction.

HT will only let you use 1 Qn per BOGO pair, b/c they reason you are already getting the second item for free.  So buy purchasing 1 of each in each transaction I saved $4.20.  Not much to some, but do that over and over again and it adds up!


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