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UGHH WALMART 1-28-10 January 28, 2010

Filed under: Wlamart — queen620 @ 4:59 pm

I ventured out to walmart tonight with a small list.  I originally went in search of waterproof winter gloves…as you can see I found NONE.  I did however come home with the exact size air filter needed and Brad didn’t have to cut it to fit like he normally does!

I did get a few good deals.  I had 4 Qn’s for Heinz Ketchup left that I bought off of ebay, so I got 4 x 40 oz = $.83 each

Mac & Cheese 8 boxes +$.57 each

the above two items have definitely been my squirrel item this week.  I know have 24 boxes on Mac&cheese in addition to the 12 boxes set aside for the feeding 5,000 program the church is doing in March.

I also bought 4 packs of single serve spam for Brad

used a 2- BOGO Qn’s = $.49 each!

2 pks yoplait fiber plus for $1.12 each

Qn’s would expire b/4 I would make it back to HT so I decided it would be better to overpay by a few pennies!!

So after Qn’s and too many extra’s I spent =


So glad I don’t go to Walmart that often anymore.  I just kept thinking of extra things I wanted to look at.  Plastic bins, gloves, plastic sheet protectors, compare price of this item or that…very draining!


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