Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Regina CVS 1-26-10 January 27, 2010

Filed under: CVS — queen620 @ 1:39 pm

$15.54 OOPThis trip had lots of problems so I will just give the highlights.  The labels were situated so it looked like the salsa was also part of the $20/10ECB promo.  It wasn’t!  Wasted a qn!  Oh Well!  Overcharged for tostitos first time around, so that and bought salsa and of course since it wasn’t part of promo ECB didn’t print out, but a Qn for $25 CVS giftcard with Xfer of Rx did print out.  I am rather excited… I can play with my “MONOPOLY MONEY” and use the giftcard for my OOP $ needed!  How cool will that be????!!!!

Anyway when it was all said and done I did two transactions used 10 ECB,  $3.10, + Qn $5. off $20 purchase got back 10 ECB and spent $15.54 OOP

I am not going to detail everything, b/c it is too confusing.  I had to get a refund for the wrong price of tostito chips + qn value.  Added two more 12pks of pepsi and then did transaction #2 and 10 ECB printed out.

What I did learn is to be VERY VIGILANT about reading the signs.  In this case the salsa was situated with the chips so it looked as if it counted toward the  buy $20/get 10 ecb deal.  I was wrong.  B/c of this there was a lot of hassle and easily 10 extra minutes at checkout to figure it out!  I also overpaid for the salsa versus saving my Qn for HT I could have done better.

But the point is that I still got a lot of stuff for $15.54, just not as good as I have done in the past.

I did still get 10 ECB back so in the end that means I really only paid for the salsa!

I do however now have a Qn to get a $25 giftcard when I get a Rx filled.

Maybe next week will be better.  I have heard there will be a diapar deal next week!

****Side note I did get a 6 pk SCOTT paper towels for $3.99 after sale and Qn! ***That was the only thing that went right!

***Also tried to buy the Almay ECB deal like I did with Brad’s card on Sunday…but they wouldn’t accept the manufacturer Qn that printed from Target’s website.  I guess that is dependent on what staff knows/doesn’t know!  It clearly stated “manufacturer coupon”  but the store manager said b/c it had a target logo, target had paid or was paid to advertise it ???  Not sure???


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