Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

HT 1-26-10 January 27, 2010

Filed under: Harris Teeter — queen620 @ 2:10 pm

HT not too impressive tonight.

Spent $108.20

Vic+Qn $144.83

Total Value $253.03

43%savings  😦

So the good things.  I bought 15 P&G items and took off $5.

Bought Mission tortilla’s $.40 a pack.

This is one of those times it would have come in handy to have access to multiple places to print the qn!   We eat a lot of tortillas.   This and the other Old El Paso tortilla deal could easily be a good “squirrel item”   Tortillas are up to $1.29 at Aldi and slightly less at Sam’s!

Bought Kraft Mac& CHeese Qn’s & Heinz Ketchup Qn’s off of ebay for less than $2. each.  Used My Qn limit on both transactions.  Even after buying qn’s I spent around $.35 on each 20 oz bottle of ketchup  I also got each box of Mac&Chesse for around $.45 each.  Only slightly cheaper than the sell, but it is hard to know what the rock bottom price is and when to hold onto a Qn and when to use it.  I guess i will know over time!

I had a few mistaks.  I bought 3 boxes of Betty Crocker muffin mix…unfortunately I tried to use 3 Duncan Hines Qn’s…oops!

I also bought the wrong packages of Johnsville Italian Sausage.   The sale was for the ground Italian Sausage or Breakfast links…both of which were gone… I paid $10.58 for 40 oz and at least I had $2.20 worth in Qn’s! so I only really paid $8.38…still not very good.  Sam’s would have been far better.  Oh well.  that really emphasis the point of needing to read carefully!

I also spent around $10 on the measly produce shown above!  I am ready for summer to come back around and fresh stuff not be so expensive!  Especially, when it is coming from out garden!

So all in all a SO-SO Night at both HT and CVS!


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