Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Pretty Good Night! 1-19-10 CVS & HT January 19, 2010

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Tonight went well I  did 2 transactions at CVS.

Transaction # 1

6-12pk Pepsi products $20.00

10 ECB back

2- Revlon Nail Polishes- $4.99

BOGO + $2. off Q from newspaper $.25 EACH

1 Revlon Color STay Foundation $12.99

75% clearance + $2. off Qn =$1.25

Total=$28.24 – 2/ $2.  Qn = 11 ECB from last week

$15. 43 OOP +10 ECB for next week

+pending mail in rebate from PepsiCo $7.50 back after purchasing $20 worth of product.  So basically free +$2. after rebate & ECB!

Transaction #2

“Brad” started with 14 ECB.  He only purchased:

6-12pk Pepsi products: $20.

Total $21.55 – 14 ECB= $7.55 OOP

+ 10 ECB + pending rebate from PepsiCo $7.50- so “made” almost $10 after rebate & ECB

CVS totals:  $22.98 OOP  with 20 ECB back for next week

+$15. in pending rebates!  Very good CVS week!

On to Harris Teeter.  I will not go line by line! Just totals & few highlights.

OOP spent $78.71

Qn+Vic saved $114.53

total value$193.24  59% savings

Not to shabby a few of my high points were…

*Healthy Orchard reduced sugar juice for $1.00 each!

*Progresso Soups $.88 each

*Quaker chewy granola bars $1.50 each, not so impressive except the promo was buy 4 get a free think of Tropicana OJ FREE savings of $3.49

* Birds Eye Viola’ dinner kit 2 for$3.69, that is an easy and cheap meal for us,  just need to add salad and bread+ have leftovers for just under $6.  feed all of us, except Ethan!

*3-Danactive yogurt drinks $1. each

*Dannon activia yougurt free after Qn +evic special

*FREE* Quaker Rice crisps…Great for Ethan!

* Lysol anti-bacterial cleaner $.50 each

*2-Stay-free maxi pads 24 ct  $1.25 each

*finally the item that put me over my $100 goal…

1 doz Krispy Kreme Donuts that were on clearance for $1.99!

Total between CVS & HT $101.69


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