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The Queen of Coupons that is!

CVS deals 1-12-2010 January 19, 2010

Filed under: CVS — queen620 @ 2:24 am

There were a few deals this week.  Nothing was FREE, but a few things for me to work with.  I started out this week with 24ECB from last week.   My goal was to buy the following items and only pay tax after coupons and ECB.  I am still learning, so here is how it went.

*2bottles of pantene shampoo & conditioner for $6.97

used a PG $3/0ff2 Qn

got 2 ECB back

making it $.99 each afterECB

*2 GE reveal 4 pk  light bulbs for $6.00

used (2) $1.50 off Qn’s found online

got 2ECB back

making it $.50 each after ECB

*20pk Cottenelle toilet paper $12.88

used $.50 off coupon

Got 4ECB back

making it $8.38 after ECB

*Ritz 2pk crackers $6.00

used $2.00/off2 Qn found online

got back 2ECB

making it $1. a box after ECB

(please note these were 12oz boxes not 16oz,but still good price)

*2Cvs green bag tags $.99 each

1ECB back with purchase of 2

Tag is scanned each trip and on 4th trip I get 1ECB back!

Total before taxes $33.84+

$2.28 taxes =

$36.12 total –

$8.50 in Qns + 24 ECB =$32.50

$3.62 Out Of Pocket OOP!

got back $11. ECB for next week!

My mistake. ..I went in with a $5. off $30 purchase coupon for taking an CVS onlie quiz, but unfortunately I must have used it last week b/c it wouldn’t scan.  So this would have been FREE other than tax.  I would have had to add a few filler items to maximize the coupon, but I went in with a few extra coupons in case I needed them!

Either way I don’t think 2 bottles pantene, 2pk lightbulbs, 20pk of TP 2 pk of Ritz crackers for $3.62 is too bad.  I will try and post how I got started with the ECB last week.  My goal now is to keep the ECB rolling so I have less OOP to pay each trip!  Next week I think I am going to flip for some soda.  I’ll let you know later.


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